Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dentist & Tests again

  I haven't spent much time as usual on the web lately and a lot of that has been researching again. Rick and Al started reworking the front porch today and will probably finish it tomorrow. They are perfectionists. I had almost lost faith in people taking some pride in their workmanship, but these guys build it like it is theirs.

  I'm wore out today, I done a sleep study last night. The people there were great and the atmosphere was good. Now that Swamp People has gone off I have a new show, Top Shots, but it wasn't on last night. No internet there, only TV. I have no idea what that show was or was even about, but it was boring, I'm not a big TV fan.

   I'm not sure but I think I had more leads and wires hooked on me than a new car does. I took a sleeping pill though and was able to finally go to sleep. They woke me up once to ask if I could breathe through my nose. I didn't ask how I done but I was told I was one of the, if not the, loudest snorers they've ever had. I don't think that was a good thing, lol. Now for the fun part, if I fail I have to do this crap again! Well at least the people that are there are nice.  This is the first time since I was in the hospital when the chemo and radiation went sour. Denise stayed there all but one night with me.

 I finally caved though on my teeth. I've got two Gorilla Glued in, smack in the front too. One is giving some pain and both are becoming lose again. I give up, or in, depending on perspective I guess. Either way, same thing. So I rushed home this morning to wash the junk out of my hair and pull the remaining electrode pads off. Grabbed me, Megan, and mom some breakfast, took my barrage of pills, then took off. Dr Steltzman checked me out and hooked me up with Dr Boyd. He will make the impression a couple of weeks after the extractions are made to get a better fit. On the good hand I have the best working on me. On the bad side I'll be toothless, save the two in the bottom to hold my partial on.

   Man I hope I heal fast. I'll be at least three weeks with no teeth. From the steroid weight gain though, it probably ain't a bad thing. Either my feet are shrinking or my view is more restricted, same shoe size, so I'm guessing the view is blocked, lol. Here lately though it seems like I'm not doing so great at healing. My skin is like paper and after it's torn it don't want to heal back. Then again it's been Dog Days so maybe now that it has passed things will go back to normal.

   The garden is pretty much over now, the green beans I've let go to seed (eat your heart out Monsanto). A few more peppers and odds and ends, but it's about ready to tear down. I really don't want to go out without teeth, so I'll have plenty of time to do that. In about October it will be time to plant the Garlic, but aside from that, the season is over.  

Saturday, August 13, 2011

09-13-2011 The Ride

   Me and Denise headed out today. We were suppose to ride with Missy & Richard and Dale & Anna but they wanted to head to Bluff City, or something like that, towards Johnson City way. I've wanted to go to Cherokee, NC for 2 years now, so me and Denise decided to head out solo. Plus I think the trip and departure time would have thrown us riding in the dark. I can't see very well in the dark anymore. The first chemo 5 years ago done some damage but either this chemo or the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy pretty much done the rest. They love to ride at night, I can't. Sooo the problem was fixed today.

  We left here at a little before 12, went through Dandridge, to Chestnut Hill, to Pigeon Forge. We bypassed Gatlinburg but doubled back to the end and got us some KFC. We had intended on eating at the Chimney Top Picnic Area, but it was full. Denise said she hasn't been to Clingman's Dome in a while (may has spelled that wrong), so we went that way. It started raining withing a few miles of there so we turned around and found a roadside pull over and stopped. We ate on a stump on the side of the road with a fantastic view. The rain passed and on up we went, all the way there. We walked around but didn't go to the Dome. We headed back down and the headed to Cherokee, NC. We saw an Elk on the way, first time I've seen one. Cherokee has changed a lot, a whole lot since I've been there. We didn't see many Cherokee there, except the fake dancing on the streets. It has become as ugly as Gatlinburg now, too commercial and with big business. We stopped and ate Ice Cream, then headed back.

  We took several stretch and butt breaks along the way, lol. Stopped at an old Grist Mill. Stopped at beautiful look out points. We worked our way back into Pigeon Forge, then came the back way into Dandridge, up the highway and home. Back home by 7pm!

  I wasn't sure if we'd be going anywhere, Denise brought home a stomach bug and I had it until this morning. It seemed odd at first, but then it was nice. Just me and her. Where we wanted to go, when we wanted to go, and how we wanted to go. And of all things... my tooth stayed in!

  I a going to so pay for this tomorrow, but today was worth it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

08-09-2011 Blessings

I love this song, it struck a cord the first time I've heard it. A lot of times we wonder where a song comes from and are they just hollow words written by someone to make it sound good. So I wondered how someone could write something that resonates with how I feel many times. So I'm embedding 2 videos, one a brief story behind the song, the other the song with lyrics.


I'm feeling the effects of hand cutting the briers behind Misty's building, thank God I don't feel the lacerations on my hands. I've remembered to massage the throat on those glands and I think it helps. The tooth is still (crossing fingers) still in, I've babied it. It's a long shot but I'd like to make it until next month, too much to do and it's still dog days. Not much pain really so far, nothing that I can't ignore.

Rick got done with Matt & Misty's deck, we're all extremely pleased with his work and amazed that he does work. His health is not good, which is an understatement. We bought the siding to repair their house and two out buildings today. Matt's uncle saw Ricks' work and asked that he come to his house and do some repairs.

Then I got busy. I flattened the front tire on the tractor. But I didn't stop there, I also managed to finish breaks off the tabs on one of the blade shaft things on the lawnmower.

I must have feel asleep right in the middle of doing this last night. My heart broke when I saw a video by Russell Means. Russell my friend, you in my prayers. Here is his video.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Charlie got to come home today. I think he is glad to be back and seems like he is ready to fight. His voice sounds good.

I stayed and goofed around, think I may have found that limit yesterday. :) Still a bit weak and my throat is swelled a little, actually quite a lot. So I researched materials, took measurements of our garages and Misty's house, and worked figures. There was a day not too long ago I would have been able to then do the work. If I could figure out how to mange my footing and possibly a few good days I still could.

I cut the pods of the Okra that was ready, Denise gets this cutting. Spent some time petting the Donkeys, Goats, Dogs, and a cat that seems to have adopted me. Watched and fed the chickens, the peacocks following me everywhere I went. They've shed their tails now but they still try and fan.

So tonight Denise fixed fried Squash, Green Beans, Potatoes, and Chicken with crunchy Onions. We're eating and a front tooth breaks off, of all times and places, in the front. My gums are giving way. I should have let them pull them when they wanted too, but I just wanted a break from the pain. My dentist is closed until Monday and we've changed insurance and haven't got the card yet. This tooth is a live one. The cap next to that one I Gorilla Glued on a few months back, I expect it will cave next. It is a dead tooth though. So far the pain isn't too bad, I've had worse.

We're suppose to ride bikes this weekend and unless it rains we still are. I think Denise and me both need it, I know we do. Maybe even Saturday. I've Gorilla Glued this one back on but there just isn't enough gum left for it to hold pressure on, so I doubt it will stay. At least it will maybe leave a film so that air don't hit it. It's still Dog Days so I'll put off having them all pulled if I can. Note to God... I need a break.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Stupid Day

Charlie is drinking, but he isn't eating. Somehow though his immunity is building and he may get to come home by week's end. They're trying to get him to walk.

This was my stupid day today. I started out going out the door. Before I shut the door I do a quick check. Truck keys, house keys, door locked, billfold, check book, all check. So I close the door and open the gate, teeth, uncheck, so back in I go.

I decide, despite the news warning on bad air quality and record breaking heat that I would bush hog the hill. The I decide that I since Jackie Sue had called about building a fence and not being able to keep it on the property line, I'd check it like she suggested to see if it was ok. Stupid move #3.

Neuropathy and crossing fences are not a good idea. I watch my feet, firmly planted and positioned on the fence wire, cross one leg over, holding onto the post. That is about when I placed weight on the left shoulder I had worked on and it gave. Twisted my feet, I'm guessing out of reflex which I fell on the fence and a barb stuck into the inner part of my leg and barbs into my hands and arms. I'm thinking though a metal pole to the face would have been worse.

I'm stuck at that moment and for some ignorant reason I think maybe I'll use my cell and call somebody to help. Except my cell requires use of my hands which are keeping my face off the pole, plus I got myself into this mess and I can get out of it. So I watch my feet, get back on the wire a bit higher and swing the leg that has the barb in it over. It did as I suspected and cut it's way out, more like slashed. Other than a small tear, my pants weren't hurt, thank God for baggie pants, lol. I couldn't help but laugh at myself after it was over. Crossing back I was a bit more careful and less confident.

I start bushhogging and I watch the gauge on the tractor to make sure it doesn't get overheated. I even took a break in the shade to cool down a bit. Wore my bandanna over my mouth and nose. The air started gently blowing on the hill. That went from feeling like I was breathing in an oven to breathing in a convection oven, lol. In my mind I thought maybe 15-20 acres and I'd stop. The last time I bushhogged I got to do more steroids and some other junk, didn't turn out too well.

At about 5-7 acres the tractor still wasn't too hot, I was. My leg was still throbbing a bit, but the bleeding had stopped. I'd sweated the blood off my hands and arms, don't have much feeling there, so that wasn't too bad. Then the throat started swelling and I started getting pressure in my chest. I took another break, got off the tractor and away from the engine heat. Started back up and again they both started. By the third time I decided maybe it was time to stop, especially when I started getting a bit disoriented. I didn't worry too much at first, I had my nitro with me. Then I thought about how that would feel on the throat. So I quit.

I managed to get back home before Denise called and caught me, except I parked the tractor a different place, beside the garage. It should have been out of sight or maybe turned around. A bush hog is a little hard to miss when it's attached to the tractor, lol.

So here it is 12:30 and I just realized that I left the eggs on top of a pen outside. Took a bath in the storm. Throat back tight and hard to breathe. I think maybe I'll have stupid tattooed on my forehead. :)