Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunday 20th Part 1

  Oh what a night, It's 2:30am and I awake once again tonight in pain. I mouth breathe in my sleep. I had some more Morphine at 12:30, and it did work, but only so much. I ended up giving in and using the Linocaine to numb... but it, like the pain meds, only go so far. At least I have web and TV. At home I seldom watch TV, but in this small penthouse suite (lol), funny what one will do.

  We do have an humidifier running now. I don't have any of the junk food here I have at home though. I need to go home.
  Will Add More Later 

Sat 19th- End Of Day

  It's been a very busy day today. Mom and Charlie came by then mom and day, Misty & Matt, Megan, Richard & Missy, and the grand-kids. All in all pretty busy day. The company was nice. The grand-kids weren't allowed up on this floor or in the room, but Josh and Brandon were insistent. The let them come up but they weren't allow to touch anything or come too close. I figured high five's didn't count, lol. Mom and dad stayed in the room and had Denise or I knew they were coming that fast we'd have waited long on the pain meds. I have to hit the premium time after taking the Morphine so that I can get the fullest effect. That ended up being done in front of them, wich I hated to do, Megan was also in here. Ended up dad tried to make small talk, I guess to take my mind off of it, mom never said a word, while I heard Denise snap at Megan no! She filmed it, lol.

  By the time the treatment was over mom left to go send Matt and Misty up... Misty said mom cried. I viewed the video that Megan done while Denise addressed my wounds, it is bad. I'm still at odds as to Megan putting it up or not.

  Misty had Megan take this picture of me and her. This is my oldest daughter. Pretty good picture, eh? Looking at this picture tonight made me realize that if it all ended tomorrow, I at least done 3 things right in my life and have had many blessings bestowed upon me... this being one of them. 

  We have excellent nurses again this night, hopefully my last one. I declined the sleeping pill after awaking in a freaked out state this morning. I don't understand a lot of this, but the one thing I do is something that I have always understood, moderation.I am going to attempt to talk with Panella about this internal swelling of my throat.

Saturday... 19th morning

  Well, we're still here. This morning Panella stopped in and said while progress was being made, we are a ways yet, but maybe tomorrow. I stayed up late last night so that Denise could get some much needed sleep, she doesn't get worrying about my mouth breathing.

  Mom and Charlie stopped in and brought a humidifier and some stuff we needed from home that didn't get here due to the snow yesterday. The got to see first hand the intense pain cleaning and dressing the wounds cause. The nurse is going to check on something to numb the outside of my throat while the wounds are being addressed. By gollies would that ever be great. 

  So far, once while eating and once while taking liquid meds, I've gotten choked severely that have produced small pieces of meat that rots and breaks away. Much like the outside only even more painful. Panella said that Green would not wait until it completely heals before restarting. While I kinda know that, I'll be damned if I will let him start before I am ready. This is still my body and I am still in charge of it.

Well that is today as of 2pm and where we stand. My rant for today, lol. We've got a good nurse again... thank God.