Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Megan helped me downstairs today. She caught on fast, but I wasn't too fast myself. I had a bit of a time breathing today so I took my time, but we made some progress. She got me in trouble tonight, told Denise about a spell I had that hit in my heart (racing) and clear through the back and left kidney. I didn't use Nitro though, just rested until it passed.

  After that I decided to take the rototiller and do two gardens... one was really still too wet. Naturally Denise went off. Larry & Trenda with their son came over on their bikes and visited. They were headed to the Smokies.

  Charlie got his news today. The type of cancer he has will not respond to radiation or chemo, so they are going to surgically remove it at Vanderbilt. Here is the ironic part. It was Charlie who helped me make it through without having to take a Peck Tube or Trake... he will have to have both. But then he will be done. I am so relieved that he escaped chemo and radiation. He is scared and would rather have the opposite done. From what I've been told he will be down just briefly, and with none of those side effects you have with chemo and radiation. Thank God. Now if we could just get him to see it. I told him God willing, I'll grow enough cucumbers and tomatoes for him this summer and when it comes out, he can pig out. So I added the old garden and I'm going to get the other one ready too. I'm thinking maybe strawing around the plants since I know I can't do what I am about to attempt the regular way of hand weeding.

You can see the dampness on the old wall behind as well as the break in the foundation due to water.