Monday, February 17, 2014


Mom dwindles at a fast pace lately. Megan mentioned she saw a big "knot" while changing her diaper today. I explained that with her loss of so much weight so fast it is probably one of the tumors. Megan has really amazed I think us all, some more than others. The Hospice ladies are very impressed with her, especially with her hearing loss, but at least one of them also has hearing problems too. The baby at 21 has grown up in so many ways. She may not have her mom's professional training but she has her heart and compassion. Megan has moved in with mom and tends her during the night and many times throughout the day.

  Mom's BP was 71/54 and her heart rate at 103 this morning. Denise always checks mom's vital signs before heading to work, again after work, and later that night before bed. Denise makes the call on heart meds to give, over 20 years experience, she knows more that I will ever forget. I usually call her at 10am to give her the vital signs and she says what if anything mom needs, then I carry that order out. This morning though I got a late start and wasn't there long, called Dr Schindler after Denise fussing with me last week, perhaps I should have listened. They gave me shots and called in meds for me, double pneumonia, I'm not for sure if that includes the Bronchial part. On the way back I noticed the cows needed feeding, so I stopped in and fixed mom, Megan, and me some breakfast... mom ate it. I scrambled the eggs without butter to try and keep mom from getting sick again, but laced them with salt in an attempt to get her BP up. Denise had already given mom her meds for A Fib, which she was in again. I had her eat 2 salty crackers and drink GaterAide over the course of the day and eventually her BP came to 104/54, her heart back in Rhythm, but that eventually went back out later in the night. I fed the cows and Donkeys in between getting mom salty stuff to eat, she is easily made sick and throws up.

I'm about to go to bed, hopefully sleep a little more than the previous nights. It seems to be worse at night, feel like I'm coughing up a lung sometimes. I have 2 appointments tomorrow, God willing. Friday I finally have my appointment at UT with Bushkell for the NHL, I'm not sure what I will have to do to try and regain control of it. That appointment I will have to keep, this has become pure misery, a living Hell. I hope this guy is good, I really don't want to have to go back to Vanderbilt, long trip.

To Denise & Megan, for all I have seen them do both now and in the past, I think this song applies.