Thursday, February 14, 2013


  It's been pretty wild lately. We wait until next week to find out the results of the CT Scan. Maybe it's the yeast infection that I can't shake. I found a site that tells how since the medicine seems to have little effect in clearing it up and though I've still drank Mt Dews I have tried one thing it says, Yogurt. Plain, unsweetened Yogurt. I'm not a Yogurt type person so when I spoon that into my mouth Megan has a laugh, says that is the sourest face she has ever seem. You have to hold it in your mouth for 5 minutes and I think that mostly serves as a taste bud killer, lol. Seems to have a positive effect though. I did find out the last thing you want to do when finished is take a sip of Mt Dew.

  Meanwhile they've found cancer in mom. She will have to have surgery and they think they've caught it pretty quick, so prognosis is good. I think she is afraid though and it's hard to get her to get rid of her fear, also hard to get her to fight, she misses dad. We got her a box of candy for Valentines Day, seem to perk her up a bit. That or sugared her up. I think the thing though that brought her spirits up the most was getting Valentine's Day Cards from Josh, Brandon, Alex, & Kaden. We go some too and I have them put up. Mountain become mole hills when spirits go up.

  We're two for four on calves this year, I hope I didn't jinx that. Four born and two buried. Bobbie called on a calf they had that was born, the cow is sick and the calf was turned downhill. I got it turned uphill and Mark said they fed it a bottle tonight. I got the 4 used tires I bought finally mounted at Josh's Tire today. I still need to fix the exhaust manifold and check the brakes, then I will use it to get some gravel for the driveway. I got plans this year on the garden, big hopes and dreams, but we plan and God laughs, so we shall see.