Monday, April 30, 2012

04-30-2012 Rathfoot Follow-up

  We went for the follow-up with Dr Rathfoot today and it went great. He scoped me and saw some aggravation in the opposite side of the throat, but it is usual he said this time of year with all the pollen. The O2 seems to be making a difference and he saw progress it the throat from the last time and was pleased that we're finally healing up more. He said maybe a couple of stretches and injections while they're there would be in the picture for later. For now though the next three months I'm free unless something goes wrong and that's not going to happen. So from now until July it's clear sailing. He was excited and we were too. I thanked him and he took no credit that I should thank God. We found out we both have Great Pyrenees dogs. I didn't mention the TI or PI or whatever Denise calls it, why ruin the moment. Plus I think that would add another doctor, more tests, and maybe more meds I'd forget to take. I do thank God every night. I thank Him for the great doctors, nurses, family, and friends. Though adjustments have had to be made, I thank Him for the gardens and the ability to have them. I'm not afraid to die and not afraid to live either, ain't seen nothing that I can't do, when I depend on Him to help me through.  Hey that rhymes. Poet and don't know it, feet do though, their Longfellow(s).

  Denise went back to work and I celebrated with grabbing Megan and taking off the trash. Followed that with bush hogging the hill until I sheared the pin. I think I massaged the weeds for a while before I noticed that, lol. Installed the gate to go into the grapevine area where the tomato plants are. This wasn't a good day, it was a great day.  I bet I sleep good tonight.

  I gotta have some music to celebrate.