Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

  I made it to another one and thus have many reasons to actually celebrate Thanksgiving. I've actually always had plenty of reasons to be thankful in my 52 years so far. They ain't all been easy, but with the exception of one, I've always been blessed with family and friends. Even that one, when I was doing chemo and sick, they were on the phone and made sure I had food. It seemed I'd eat one bite and throw up two, but I ate it. :) Over the years some faces are missing and new faces have been added. But that is as it should be I guess, so I give thanks for the opportunity to share my life in their company, and will see them one day again. Today though, a great God, family, friends and food... I should have worn larger pants though. :)  We had mom and Denise, all three daughters, my son in law, want to be son in law, all four grandkids, Mark and Bobbie. Me and Megan baked Wednesday and Denise started cooking Wednesday night, finished this morning, mom fixed some pies, and we had plenty. We all have left overs we shared, so we'll all eat good again. Mom's dressing is the bomb. Re-fry that stuff in a cast iron skillet with butter or coconut oil, add to reheated turkey or pork, and you just don't get no better than that. Well, maybe take some mashed taters and make them in a patty and fried in butter to go along with it. I think I see why I'm overweight now, lol. Denise can cook like no other, and I can eat leftovers like no other, lol. We might have grown up poor, but we knew how to eat, and didn't go hungry. 

  I actually took my medicine as it I should a day or two. Waited for the right day. I climbed onto the roof and blew out the leaves from the gutters and off the roof. No accidents or anything! I didn't look as macho as I did in my younger days, neuropathy isn't pretty on a slope, so I crawled on most of the roof, lol. We live in the woods though, so by the next day you can't tell anything has been done.  I'm kinda paying though for the rest of the leaf collection, but I expected as much, I didn't wear a mask.

  I've been making plans on next year's garden, God willing of course. I think I'll try something new, growing some grains. I know where the Buckwheat can grow, maybe the Millet, Quinoa, and Amaranth, but I also bought some of the Biblical Wheat too, less Gluten. But tomorrow, cow feeding time again. I have one calf that if he continues to put on weight, we will invite him back to the house about February or March, unless one of the others grows faster. They seem to run the weight off faster than they're putting it on. Next week we have a hair appointment. Denise wants me to get my hair cut shorter, which I will, but not too short. The beard a little trimmer too. I'm just thankful to have hair. Now if it would stay where its at and quit relocating. I ain't losing it. I still find it, just not where I want it to be. :) Having said that. I am thankful to have what I have.   

Thursday, November 15, 2012

11-15-2012 Results

The doctor called to give the official results from the blood work. Negative. Thank God for that. I learned a new disease though and pray for those who have it. I have a follow up appointment with him I think next month. Not sure why that muscle would curl or pull loose from whatever that is, part I got lost on, but at least it ain't that. Maybe it's just age or another side effect of chemo, who knows. Maybe heart, I've used Nitro a few times lately, last time last night. Heart attack is definitely on my list of never want to do again.

  I've not stayed true to the gluten-free diet but close. Denise falls every now and then but Megan is strict on it. One thing is for sure, never say never. I find myself enjoying baking bread and cookies, and I love trying new mixes out with different flours. Use to, rain I'd work in it outside, then as I got older inside on old cars or the house. Now I bake, lol.

 Denise has the TV on and some lady is putting something on her teeth that whitens them. Bad, read up on that junk. This woman though shows her teeth and looks like a mule eatin briars. :) Jaws ain't got a set like that, kinda scary. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

11-10-2012 Barb

  I got a text yesterday that Barbra died, for her the fight is over. I cannot imagine, nor would I want to even try, what Don is going through. Barbra made Don's lunch everyday and put a little love note in it, I can't remember seeing two people in love like they are. I say are for a few things never die. Truth, Love, and the Spirit. So once again this year Heaven gets a little brighter and the world a bit dimmer. I haven't contacted Don, Denise's dad has been very sick and Josh's birthday. Honestly though, I would not know what to say. Nothing really comforts a person during that time and no words really comfort, it just takes time. Don is without a doubt the best husband I think I've ever met. Don and Barb inspired me and everyone they encounter along their life. 

  I think back to the last time me and Don talked and he asked how much I knew about the Bible. I told him a little, but not much. The more I learn the more I know I don't know and need to learn. What I didn't say is that I know about death and about God, not by reading but by first hand knowledge, yet how does one describe what no words can. You can't. Words terribly fail and truly one is left with a knowledge one cannot accurately explain or share, and that makes it hard knowing. It is not that you ask for it. That changes my views on death and what comes next. So for Don I pray and mourn, yet for Barbra I rejoice, for she is experiencing something greater that words can tell, more alive than we are in this world. She fought valiantly, and though she lost the battle, she won the war. That however will do little to numb his pain.          

Friday, November 9, 2012


  I went and got my blood work done and last night I took his blood work order and Googled what that was and what it is for. The blood work will check for Acetylcholine receptor antibodies, I'm hoping to rule out Myasthenia gravis, which I can't even pronounce. For that matter I haven't even heard of it. It spurs from the Thymus Gland, I had to Google that too. :) Other than Thymus & Louise, I've not much knowledge on that. Not sure it's accurate to doctor's knowledge of it but here this is  I did notice some things that looked familiar. Rare, Incurable, Treatable. There is also cancer in that gland that would need be ruled out. Rare and Incurable I know oh too well, they seem to like me. Once rare, Lymes Disease, Pernicious Anemia, CTCL. The Brown Recluse just left scars... both times. I seem to collect rare like a rare magnet. But we will cross that bridge if we come to it. The results may be back as early as Monday. It'd be nice to just have a nice, smooth life. 

  Denise's dad blacked out today and had to be looked at. Test results so far so he was in A Fib. He is doing good now though. Please remember him in your prayers. Her parents are good God loving people.

   And tonight it seems we have a visitor again, go figure. The neighbor's dog was shot with a pellet or bb gun and ours were turned loose last night. I've done been out once tonight and tonight will stay alert.    

Thursday, November 8, 2012


  The Blood Work ordered is to check for antibodies and I'm hoping ruling out Myasthenia gravis, which until now I'd never heard of.


Happy Birthday 12th Josh!!!

You're this close to being a Teenager.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


  I got a call from the eye doctor's office today at UT Eye Surgeons, said he wanted some blood work. I'll pick up the orders tomorrow and take to the lab where Denise works to have it drawn. We will see whats up on that. Other than that the neuropathy hasn't changed, still here. I think the wet weather/cold has something to do with it because it seems to get worse, Sally says hers is too. Denise and Megan have bought caught Misty's cold, so far I've been spared. I got a call from Rod, his wife Nora had breast cancer, they put her in remission, now it's back and 13 chemo treatments later, it's not responding. Please remember them in your prayers, they are good people. We made friends when I worked in Real Estate with them. 

  I've stayed in the last 2 days, cold and wet outside. Me and Megan baked some Gluten Free French Bread... not quite the size I was after but the taste is excellent. Today I researched a little more on gluten free flours and what is good and what mixes with what well. I have 2 recipes but didn't go by either one, lol. God willing, I plan to try and grow some of these plants the flour derives from next year, so study will be needed on that too. I have no idea how to grow that stuff, harvest it, or clean it to turn into flour. :) I do know that Denise has now lost 15lbs, Megan has lost about 10, and I've lost about 10 (I keep falling off the wagon). Denise will from time to time but seldom. Megan will not eat Gluten anything. Already her sinuses are better, bloating gone, and acid reflux is gone too. I'll have to say that after a week or so my acid reflux is gone as well, and sinuses are not as bad.

  Megan's duck hatched out 8 babies so far which was an unbelievable feat when one considers they live on a wire floor pen. She has done a great job. The cows are eating like pigs. We put out 3 rolls and they were down to one today. The rolls are so-so quality, save for 2 that just weren't eatable and I replaced them, so that is 5 rolls down now. Not bad for the second week of November, but we only bought 120. It'll be tight. Now here was a funny thing. We were watching Duck Commanded on TV tonight and Megan and Denise think I act a lot like Phil, Willie's dad, with a touch of Willie's brother added in. I'll take that as a compliment. That came after Phil caught the grandchildren playing video games and gave them a lecture and took them fishing. Except I don't fish, I'd like to but don't. I play in dirt and animals and fix things, but I don't understand texting or video games... at all. Thought that was pretty cool of him making taking them fishing. The dirtier I am the happier I am. :) That justifies I can set in the tub a long time and read. Well, prowlers again tonight, either 4 or 2 legged, which means I have to go outside in this crappy weather and see.

  It's been a good day, and I thank God for that.