Monday, June 25, 2012


Morristown Dental got my tooth back in this morning, so I'm back online again in the eating part. I teased them and told them I'd put Gorilla Glue on it again, but I didn't. Afterward I went and signed up at a Gym on East Morris Blvd, turns out my insurance pays for it and it's called the Silver Sneaker Plan. It seems only yesterday I was young, now I'm a Silver Sneaker?

 I took a chance and went by Don and Barb's home, they were there. Barb was sitting on the back porch and Don with her. They still hold hands. Barb has lost some weight but she is still ahead of the curve, and that's what counts. As always, she is in a good, positive mood, Don is as well. She has some more to go and the cancer is responding. Barb is a fighter. Her throat sounds a little better but she too has lost her saliva glands. The Biotene she says works great. I've seldom seen few couples with this deep of love and devotion. Please keep them in your prayers.

  I hear tonight, through another party that another good friend Tommy has his back. They said UT sent him home with Hospice. Please keep them in your prayers. They are excellent people too. I need to go see him.

  We have 21 qts of Peanut Beans done and I start again picking them. They are small and low, and it takes a while to get them. Maybe just a row next year instead of two. I haven't put my best into the gardens this year, but they have done well all things considered. Next year, God willing, I'll move things around a bit. As soon as these are done, and the weather is pretty, we're heading to a picnic in the mountains.

  Next week Misty will be 33 and the next week I'll be 52. I was 19 when she was born. Where does time go...