Saturday, August 18, 2012


  Whatever I got into or next to, probably both don't like me still. My eyes are not as matter but energy is low. Thats probably from the yeast once again in my throat from the Predinsone (spelling ?) increase I done for swelling from whatever that is. I bush hogged the field, well about 5 acres anyway that got it kicked off. Jerry wanted the driveway widened before he brings the hay, so Thursday I build a wider entrance on one side and torn the old fence down. I've never seen a jungle but I imagine at the gate looked probably like one. I bet people didn't know there was a gate there, lol, do now though. I still have to finish cleaning up the debris, I ran out of time. Pulled the dump truck up and decided to install the speakers and radio, and the fuel pump quit. Today it finally started after I rewired the connector at the tank and other than the Inertia Switch reset, I have no idea what kicked the pump back on, lol. I could have pulled it with the tractor except I nosed it in and the truck blocked it. Megan wanted to help with the fence but mom called and said, plus I read about it, West Nile Virus and mosquitoes. They love Megan and Denise and the pond full of them is beside the entrance, so I couldn't take the chance and done it solo. I tell Denise I'm too sweet, so they don't bite me, lol.

  I said bye to a long time friend. I hatched him 21 years ago. He never was named and at the time we had a hatchery and about 3500 birds plus chicks. He kept the snakes away at the garden and chicken coop and his brother at the other garden. They were the last 2 Peacocks left and I could call them like any of the animals here. He has been sick for a while, that or old I guess, and I've babied him, even caught him and trimmed his beak. I knew something was wrong, normally they keep their beaks trimmed when turned loose. His brother is the last one left. I told Megan we'd build another aviary and who knows, maybe even restore one of the old ones and buy a pair of peacocks, well actually a trio, clean up one of the incubators and breed them again. We will get some Guineas too. Nothing like we use to do but raise a few. Until we get about 30 guineas and 20 peacocks.