Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Oh, I have to put this up. Denise made her 1st FaceBook comment tonight after watching a Documentary called "Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of our Lives", she usually mostly just observes. This is what I've been trying to get her to look at, what I've researched since 2005. I'm proud of her though, she finally watched something and learned, if nothing else, that I ain't totally crazy, lol.

  I figure while it is free to watch for now I'll post it here. I might add too that getting one's health back after it goes so far is all but impossible. It is much easier to maintain or turn around before it gets too bad. For some of us it isn't possible to be back to what we were, so we have to be content to be what we have left, and fight to see those we care about do not have to settle like we have. Some will think this is political, it's not. Some will think this don't concern them, it does. Some will think it is hopeless, it's not. I care, else I would not have gone to the limits I have to learn, not so much for me, but the people I care about. These are not my cows, lol.