Thursday, February 24, 2011


Woke up tired this morning, well, yesterday morning now. Denise said she had to do whatever that is she does a few times last night. I know once I remember he waking me up. I'm still sluggish from whatever that was Tuesday night when I woke up with intense pain in my stomach that went through my back. Disoriented and completely uncoordinated, thinking I needed to head to the bathroom to throw up. I was sweating quite a lot, pretty much soaked. I haven't felt pain that intense since the night I had the heart attack or the times when they would first start the chemo and when my body rejected it.

  Misty called and we met at Food City and got breakfast and took it to mom's and ate. That was nice. I enjoyed that a lot and I think everybody else did too. Fed the cows and just goofed off.

  Tonight my throat is a bit tighter than usual. Breathing is a bit more labored. I really don't want to go to sleep and maybe Denise can catch a good night's sleep for a change, but that don't seem likely. I know she is tired.