Monday, September 16, 2013


I got my teeth today for the bottom. Can you say Tater Chips. :) I took them out tonight from a sore they're making, which is to be expected, and he adjusts them tomorrow. I have to go by later on, me and Megan sit with Denise's dad tomorrow while her mom does her errands.

  The Concrete man has begun. He made a lot of progress today digging out for the concrete. Michael said out last 3 windows were in so I have to pick those up tomorrow too. It is going to be a bit hectic the next 2 days.

  I run mom to her doctor Wednesday and I'm guessing that the concrete might be poured that day, unless it rains. Then maybe Thursday or Friday will do the Diabetes blood test thing, then again, I may put that off another week.

  I dreamed of a Bloomin Onion last week, woke up and even Youtube'd it to get directions. I found out there is a kit, so I ordered it. I've seen the spices kit before, loaded with all  kinds of bad stuff, so I found a recipe. Sure sign of age, when one no longer dreams of women or cars and starts dreaming of food, lol. I actually pinned the videos to my Pintrest, lol.

  Full day today and the next two days. Time for bed.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9-11-2013 Check Up

We went to see Dr Rathfoot today. It was good and a possible not so good. This was the first visit this year where surgery wasn't on the table, the larger dose of Prednisone has appeared to work on the swelling. The down side is that it appears that it may be causing Diabetes. I never knew it could do that and I'm sure the Mt Dews and sweet Tea ain't helping. Limited Saliva glands means keeping liquid on hand at all times, but I should do more water. Normally I don't eat a lot of starches like Potatoes, except lately. Funny how limited one is after dental surgery and no teeth. I've eaten more scrambled eggs, so much so I'm ashamed to look at a hen. :) More mashed potatoes than I eat in a year.

  He explained that I was fortunate, that it looks as though I will get to keep my voice box. (He didn't call it that). The Radiation burns all the cartilage and if it is burnt bad (most are) then the body attacks it. Eventually it can harden and stop working. Mine seems to have stopped finally and now the hardening. I've learned to use my diaphragm to push out tones and loudness, even though shouting is impossible. Sometimes though, certain sounds come out louder than I intend to and some sounds are harder to make. I figure though if Megan can make sounds that she has never heard, surely I can do what I have heard. Only what we say is impossible is impossible.

  So the next step now is to have a test to see what my blood sugar is. I figure since it is diet and probably lifestyle I need to change. I will, even though Denise says no, cut the Prednisone in 1/2 as soon as the swelling from today goes down. It shouldn't be too bad by weeks end. If it works great and if not, well... we can always go back unless my throat closes off in my sleep. Who knows, maybe by December I can come off it all the way. I haven't discussed it with Rathfoot, easier to ask forgiveness than permission. I will say this though. Dr Rathfoot is a credit to the doctors and medical profession and I am blessed that he is my doctor. The world could use more doctors like him and a step more, he is a man to be inspired to be like.

  So tomorrow I get my impression made and within a week I will once again have lower teeth. I can't wait. I think we will celebrate with a grilling, steak and whatever else hits.

  We loaded and took off eight calves to the market. Me, Denise, Megan, and Mark caught and loaded them up. We have about ten more to take later one and one that sometime this winter we will eat, saved him for us. So far Megan hasn't lost any more ducks to the animal that got a few of them. I took one shot at it and missed but we watch and have a more accurate rifle waiting. I think though we found an even better way, dog hair the dogs shed placed about the field.    

Monday, September 9, 2013


Check up again tomorrow and after that I'm not sure if I have a dental appointment or its the next day. I skipped a little though on events.

  The tooth that kept breaking off, well, cap and post anyway, finally broke one too many times. I talked with Dr Steltzman who tried to put it back on and it didn't even last a day. The last break went deep enough under the gum line it just wasn't salvageable. I set up an appointment with Dr Sidney Boyd and he done surgery to remove the last two from my mouth. I thought losing the last two would bother me but it didn't. So I go and have my impression made for a full plate, probably what I should have done in the beginning, would have saved a ton of money. But we tried.

  I think maybe my Thyroid will be rechecked this visit or he will order it to be checked. I'm hoping surgery will be off the table but if it ain't then so be it. The hay is in and tomorrow evening we load calves for the market. I guess I'll give in this time.

  Mom meanwhile, things have been one right after the other. They can't give her chemo or radiation due to her blood being low and Nutrifils being low. She has had this problem before but apparently nobody ever bothered to test it properly. Well, UT to the rescue again. Dr Hana done tests and mom has Leukemia too, which is preventing the treatment for the other cancer which is aggressive. In between those two findings yet another cancer on her nose, but it was fixed.

  I think at this stage I'm just tired but calm now. I figure God will do what He will and whatever He decides for any of us, though it may not be what we wanted, will be whatever is best. Me and Denise went on a bike ride Sunday for a few hours, something I had said we'd do more of this year. This was however our first real ride, despite the lack of gardening. After my lawnmower lesson it took a while to heal up enough to use the hand, then I seem to head downhill, then mom went downhill, then all the rain. The day was nice and I think we both needed that, I know I did. For a few hours the world seemed to be at peace. Denise is already planning next year's Anniversary trip, somewhere in the Caribbean. I've been engrossed in Pintrest. I guess we've all got our ways of escape, even if only for a moment.