Saturday, December 29, 2012


 Once again fighting over a yeast infection. Denise says its the Prednisone so this time when I'm coming close to beating it I will either cut the dose in half or quit it all together, which Denise isn't fond of. She says the swelling will come back and the breathing and swallowing will be worse again, I say we will see. If it fails I can always start it back and if it don't I win and another pill I won't have to take or try and remember to take.    

  We have a calf to attempt to remove from the pond tomorrow, though I have no idea how just yet. This is a first for me, two days old and it drowns in the pond? That is the hardest part of farming, seeing animals die. That makes us 0 for two, one born dead earlier this month. This was her first calf too, she made trips to that side of the field balling to get attention, which she did. Mark and Bobbie called us. On the second trip to look and see after Mark and Bobbie called and told me she was looking again, I saw her looking at the pond. I don't know if it was her lack of experience, been chased, or knocked into the pond, but there it was. I kept her to start with because the prices had dropped and later because of her gentle nature and intelligence, a decision I still stand by. Most of the cows stood at the top of the hill looking down. I looked at her and shook my head no and done the other cows the same as I came back up the hill and they turned and walked back as if they knew what I meant. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't, but I think they did. Cows are intelligent. I think it will bring closure to her if we can get the body out tomorrow and bury it. She will know better next time.

  They say what you do on New Year you will do all year long. I plan to eat and go back on the Gluten Free diet, not because I'm Celiac but because I feel better and weigh less so more intolerant than allergic. Megan has already beat me to it and Denise is working her way back too. Megan's sinuses started bothering her again when she came off the diet, just as before. My sinuses and arthritis, and blood in the stools started back. We all three started back gaining again. I think that most of our health is in the food we eat. Funny how wheat has changed genetically like corn and almost everything else including meat. Factory farming just don't work and GM & GE foods create more than they could ever hope to help.

  Happy New Year  

Grab a glass of Tea, wish Happy New Year to the ones around you, call the ones that aren't. Then bow and thank God for the blessings of family and friends. We hit the bed then. :) Past our bedtime.