Monday, February 15, 2010


  Much better day today. Still extreme pain in feet and at the same time they are numb... definitely weird. Hands still numb and just a little throat pain after eating tonight, nothing major. My neck is still a little red and still burns a bit, like a mild sunburn.

  I decided to let hair grow where it will, lol. My "soul patch" is salt and pepper and you can actually see the radiation lines, lol. It actually comes up pretty high on the lower jaw, higher than I though and where the two teeth I lost are located. I've been tempted to shave but I want to see where this goes. Amazing what boredom and a small mind will do,lol.  The hair on my head is growing face but in the front where it was already thin, it looks like it may be thinner. It seems to be coming in salt and pepper too. No hair coming back anywhere else. My back neck line is higher than I had thought.

  No nausea today for a change. As we go down on the patch, more pain shoots through. I'm curious to see what level it will be at the next drop. Not that I'm into pain, but I also don't want to be a junkie.

  Bouts of fatigue but they don't last long. Bone pain and some of the nervous attacks. I haven't talked as much today, hard to believe, eh? Still struggling with hydration and weight. Rash seems it may be decreasing.

  I went back on my blood thinners yesterday. Depression at times and brain fog.

  Overall much better than yesterday.