Sunday, February 14, 2010


  Today has been a set back. I guess I'm paying for 2 active days. Not active in the sense I once was, just active. With only 1 trip for fluids last week my skin is drying out. The rage is still as it was. I've never fully regained my balance or use of my left foot and leg which is weird. The pads of my feet are extremely tender and it still feels like lightening bolts ever time I step shoot through my body. All that while I freeze and my hands and feet stay numb everywhere else. Today, my fatigue was extensive along with a sick feeling in my stomach.  Memory is gone, especially short term. Within 1 week I have lost 6 lbs.

  While I glad that I am weaning off the patch, it did do more than I had thought. We ate at Captain D's yesterday and my throat was as if if were raw. I had forgotten just how bad it hurts, that reminded me. Weather permitting, I'll get my thyroid checked maybe tomorrow and fluids Tuesday or Wednesday.

  My hair is trying to grow and I have a small go-tee. This is goig to take a lot more effort than I first thought.