Sunday, September 9, 2012


  We went after the med for the yeast in my throat and they've started closing on Sundays. Denise asked if I wanted to go to the big box pharmacies, but I figured I'd just wait until tomorrow. Minnis Drug has been good so far and private owned. I went to mom's and she has something going on in her attic and her light went out. I replaced the light and the switch, even a plug. Power until a load hits it then it dies. I'm thinking a junction box is somewhere before that one, but I don't know how they wired it, maybe tomorrow.

  So me and Denise headed back to Lowes to get more shelves for her Pantry Cabinet, got them, came back home and it's finished and stocked. I baked 2 loaves of bread while we watched the Great Barrier Reef. Took one to om and kept one for us. Checked on Bailey and fed Rex. I'm still 2 days down on email, but it's bedtime. I hoped that I could research more on Gluten Free baking, oh well, maybe tomorrow. Denise enjoyed her drinks, Zevia Cola, I tried their Mt Dew version... It'd puke a vulture off a gut wagon. I'll stick with the real thing. And thats why I need to make sure I can make food that tastes good without Gluten, cause we won't eat it. :) Healthy don't have to taste that bad.   


  I'm worn out. Tammy & Jerry brought 40 more rolls of hay, Jerry is sick too, bronchitis. Rain all day today, so Denise figured we'd shop, she needed her drink and since Shades Of The Past was in Pigeon Forge, we decided to head to Earthfare in Knoxville. From there we went everywhere, lol. It was an enjoyable day, even though I talk Denise to death sometimes, I do get her to laugh.

  At one point we ended up at Victoria's Secret. Denise found the one she liked and was looking through her size, pulling out a couple she liked. This one lady asked if she could hep her and Denise said she knew what she was and wanted. One color though in the next size she loved, so the lady asked if she'd like to try it on. This lady hovered about us like a worried bee, lol. She quickly grabbed a piece of paper and recoded what Denise took in, 2 bras. Now I've held a many a purse, and I ain't real comfortable with that, but like most husbands I do what I'm told. So here I stand with ladies and couple walking in holding 2 bras, by my self yet! Meanwhile the lady is trying to not look obvious watching me, then finally she asked. "How many bras do you have?" Holding her paper. I couldn't pass it up, she was just too nervous and overly serious. "Oh me? This is my first two. When you get my age you get wheat belly and man boobs, and I wanted something good that fit to hold them up." Not a smile came off her, but her eyes and face... priceless, lol.

   Denise finally came out and the lady was right on her, lol. One she could wear and wanted and the other not. The lady grabbed the one she didn't want and headed towards where I was, cautiously, but she came anyway. A clear bust of a bottom of a lady with thongs on was right between us. I again couldn't help it, lol. I said without a smile, "Bet those ain't comfortable. My drawers do that sometimes and I pick them out, those won't come out. I call 'em Indian drawers, the kind that creeps up on ya." I even got tickled the last few words. She was serious as a heart attack. The girl at the checkout thought it was funny though.

  Tomorrow we go get the stuff for the yeast in my throat again. But today... priceless.