Wednesday, October 31, 2012


  We went to the Ophthalmologist today at UT Eye Surgeons. Dr Rouse was nice but either I'm getting old or doctors are getting younger. I don't think I've ever had that complete of an eye exam. He even looked in the back of my eye ball, which I'm still trying to figure that out. I come out with a Ray Charles looking eye wear on my glasses, took until about 3 o'clock until I could stand seeing the daylight. All that and I still have no idea what is next or if anything is next, but he was complete in the exam and took his time. I had never heard that kind of doctor before now, thought all eye doctors were the same. The term sounds like it is a positive person, lol. Optimist.

  Denise never ceases to amaze me. He and her talked what sounded like a foreign language, I listened but didn't understand a lot of it. He is going to talk with whoever read the CT Scan and maybe order blood work. I did read the report from Dr. Panella on interrogating the CT Scan. One thing on the report that wasn't a shocker is that I'm overweight, or under tall, depending on the perspective. Some loss of hearing and I think that is blamed on the chemo, but I believe it's also a possible side effect of the H Bot Therapy. It seems I'm losing and have lost some control of a muscle in the left eye which is causing the episodes of double vision. He saw a muscle curled? The fix seems to be placing a Prism in my left lens, which takes away clear vision. I have no idea what I do now. See Dr Panella, call Dr Rouse, get blood work done, or wait. I know I have to go back in 4 months.

  Now this is weird. There is a possibility it could be Thyroid problems. It was understood that the Thyroid was in the line of fire with the radiation and would get burned up. Last check levels were within normal range and it's almost been 3 years. Thank God for that. It was expected to be dead a long time ago. I ended up at a little after 3 picking about 1/2 bushel of Chili Peppers for Denise to take to Jo, Rama, and the girls. Picked about 1/2 bushel of sweet peppers. Probably the last of the peppers this year, its suppose to frost tonight. The garden is one place I can go and the world looks better, my escape. I checked the cows while I was out too and took them some salt blocks, counted and petted a few. I love to watch the calves run and play. I think maybe when winter hits I'll play with one of the cars, maybe put the bug back together and put the new top on it. If it ain't a bad winter we have the old lumber from the front porch. Me and Megan could build a me Peacock Aviary and a Duck Aviary for her. I think the new term is re-purpose the lumber, but I call it using what you have and not wasting it.