Friday, July 27, 2012

7-27-12 Bloodwork

  We got the results back from my blood work to see if my Thyroid has quit and  I need to start medicine for that. Dr Green was up front that the thyroid would be burnt up where it was located, causalities of war sort of thing. It was unfortunate but at the same time worth the sacrifice, so we were expecting it to give way. At first they said 6 months, then a year, then 2 years. The levels dropped but have maintained at the lower end of a normal range, even though the activity shows it's gone. My nails started being brittle, I get cold sometimes, and my hair is falling out some, so Denise said it was time again to have them checked, so I did Thursday. How she keeps up with dates and times is beyond me, but I'll bet the heart patients love that, I know I do.

   So it's been just slightly past 3 years and today (well actually yesterday now) we got the results back. I have no idea why but by the grace of God I'm still within normal. Once again another hurtle has been passed. Monday I go back to Dr Rathfoot, which I always fear and look forward to at the same time, bittersweet. I pray each time he will say normal. This time maybe my throat will have expanded, but from the feel of it lately I seriously doubt that. I think maybe the dampness and heat and weeds growing are taking their toll.

  So the gardens have pretty much grown up, kind of like I had feared, I couldn't keep up physically. Then again we had 3 out this year, and with the unbelievable heat, I don't feel like I failed. I tried and the gardens done excellent, especially considering the weather and my lack of attentiveness. I'm not sure what or how but heat and cold both aren't very easy on the throat, and I've finally learned to not get disgusted and push, but not like I once did. This is for sure one time when I'm shown just who grows the garden and who don't, I just happen to tend it but God makes it produce. The last few days I've either stayed inside or worked on BUD (bigger, uglier, dump) as Denise calls it, lol. I need to get it working right and like I want asaic (as soon as I can). :) I'm rewiring the lights all around, fuel tank, replacing the key switch, adding extra tail lights and a towing connector, and replacing the speedometer cable. I already put a new instrument cluster in. Nothing wrong with the old one except it didn't have a Tach, and I like having that. When it cools down comes the (gulp) exhaust manifold.  

  Tonight Megan worked on a banner like thing we made for a new website . She done a great job. I'll have to show it on here. Megan calls it Faith. She designed this whole thing.

  Also something I think most would benefit from, not only laughter wise but also to see the glimpse of a deaf person, I'm placing a link of a show. Megan connected heavily with her, so did me and Denise, but Megan, on a different level. Don't let the title fool ya.