Thursday, May 2, 2013


  I've spent the last 2 days running mom around to the doctor and to get her car fixed, tomorrow will be the same. She has done well except for bleeding behind her eyes. Dr Jaynes referred her to another doctor who referred her to get blood work done, and she still don't know anything yet. Me and Denise broke down and bought a new Sofa & Loveseat from Ramsey's Furniture store and tomorrow they're suppose to be delivering it. That meant that today when I got back we had to remove our other one to make room. We gave them to Mark & Bobbie. Tomorrow will be hectic. Pay house insurance, follow and pick up mom, be back before 9am in case the delivery is early, followed by take mom to get her car and at the end of the night take place in a dental survey on head and neck cancer.

  This year I've been reluctant to plant the other garden, last year I had too much to take care of. I'm not sure if it is age, health, or a combination of the two, but I found my limit. The fingers threw me behind on things, one of which was fixing the tractor's power steering. Megan mostly, but I helped, tilled the other gardens with a tiller and the one lacking almost has to have the tractor and rotovator. Without my Peacocks to ward off snakes this year that also plays a role, but we have cats, wild cats. Two dead trees still standing... I can think of a thousand reasons to not do it. Still, maybe just a little bit, lol. If I were like I once was I wouldn't hesitate, but I'm not and there are other matters pressing. I still have the roofs to put on, the dump truck to finish, and today Denise informed me that we would put the wood floors down in the house when she takes vacation finally. We've had that flooring since 2008. I had it all mapped out when my shoulder snapped. Each week we'd get something else done. Sunroom done outside. Flooring put down. Bug put back together, maybe. I had to have a heart cath before the surgery, which went well until recovery, then it went crazy. The clot broke loose, first time I ever seen blood squirt that high up, or smell that bad. I was almost ruptured pressing the site the second time in places no man wants to feel pain. The skin was removed along with the pressure bandage and I found out blood is toxic to the body when it goes under or in the skin. By the time I was healed enough to do anything other than the basics on the Sunroom, it was surgery time. Hopefully the wood is still good after all these years in the basement.

  If it doesn't rain then the tractor maybe this weekend. I've never rebuilt a steering piston, let alone two, but it can't be any harder than rebuilding an old convertible top motor on a Buick. At some point I want to replace the plumbing in Denise's mom and dad's bathroom. We fixed it a week or so ago. I'd like to take Denise and Megan horseback riding once, they've never ridden a horse and Pigeon Forge has a few of the stables to ride. Several other things need repaired too but also I'd like for me and Denise to ride the bike more than three times this year, and maybe ever do something I've been going to do for over 30 years, go fishing. I'd also love to finish just one of the cars I started back then and take the Skylark out, drop the top and go on a picnic. I'm not sure I'll do the bigger garden this year. We all have a bucket list and that is mine. I figure if I'm gonna dream, dream big. Megan in her own part.