Monday, July 8, 2013

7-8-2013 Rathfoot Visit

  We went to the follow-up appointment with Dr. Rathfoot today and I think it went fairly well. He scoped me and saw no evidence of tumor but did see the radiation aftermath still fighting. He showed us on a drawing what he saw and the swelling that has finally quit but not gotten any better either, so we're at a standstill for now. The odds though are good that I dodged the Trach being put in temporarily, less chance of that happening now, so the increase in Prednisone worked. He explained that it also kept my immune system down so that maybe my body would cease attacking the damaged part. His biggest concern is that at night while I am asleep that my throat will close off and I'll not wake up. So, the surgery is a definite to inject the Kennalog (spelling ?) in there, maybe even stretch it a bit. I was able to talk him into waiting until Sept so I could get some stuff done, and let him know I know the risks of waiting. He said that one of two possible outcomes would occur now as the end result, and I can't remember them, lol. Since the trach is pretty much off, as long as all goes well, I don't mind the surgery.

  He also noticed that I make some saliva and said that I was making more than he had ever seen any neck cancer victim make. When I have me teeth in they help one of the glands halfway work. It takes some time since I can't sleep with them in to start to work again each day. I broke off the same tooth again, this time below the gum line, so we will see what comes of this tomorrow.  It would be good if it would hold off until my insurance resets and I'm not sure just how long I've had the bottom one. I'll probably get those 2 pulled and just go with a regular denture, that way I can sleep with them in and make spit. Nothing quite like waking up each morning with your mouth and throat feeling like its cracking open.

  So I will do as I have done. Nights when I feel my throat is tight I sleep up in a chair, and other nights on the couch, still some in the bed. Eat nothing dry without a lot of liquid. Nothing too large or nothing too small when I eat, and eat slow and focus on swallowing.

  Today was a good day, quite excellent. I got the surgery postponed, me and Denise went to Victoria's Secret, Sams, Earth Fare, and Lowes. We had fun together, despite the incident at Victoria's Secret, lol. I discovered the secret. Don't stick your hand in a vase that looks like it has a mirror suspended 1/2 inside, it's smelly oil. I'll assume the candle at the bottom was to heat that stuff, why I don't know, I thought it stunk. Denise however liked the smell. I felt like it appeared I had given a Pole Cat an enema. That stuff don't wash off easily either. One of these days I'll grow out of having to touch everything, lol. I was better at SAMS, especially after I turned on that weird thing with lights and a siren that time and couldn't make it stop. That was embarrassing. It has been a good birthday.