Monday, February 28, 2011


  Man what a storm today in more ways than one. This evening when my brother came back to the house to get me to take the tractor and scrape his gravels off the road and level back out his driveway he dropped a bomb. For those who have read the blog from the days of the treatments they read where Charlie, my stepdad took me to Radiation therapy. Today he went to an ENT and they discovered a tumor in his throat. It is in the same as mine was. He has throat cancer or Esophageal Cancer, whichever you want to call it. They will do his biopsy in about 2 weeks to determine what kind and what stage. I would ask that you please include him in your prayers.

  I would also remind those who read this that if you have certain symptoms to please get checked out. Trust me. The scope that they run in your nose and into your throat does not hurt, and that coming from a man that hates to have anything other than air and my finger in my nose. His symptoms were having a small amount of problems swallowing. Frequent sore throats (more than two a year), ear pain. Now we both smoked which that, chewing, and dipping plays a factor but a factor just as much if not more is Acid Reflux. He had that just as I did. If you are worried about not wanting to know, it is survivable. Most people know that I believe in alternative therapies yet in some cases when it has gone too far conventional therapies must be taken. I was asked where I would be if I had refused conventional medicine and went alternative medicine and my response is that I would have smothered to death by now. That isn't a guess. That is a fact.

  So now I get to repay the favor to Charlie, yet I wish I couldn't repay him for I know how hard it is to get through this. He is a good man, so please remember him in your prayers.

  Tomorrow I am to make a call to Rathfoot to give them an update on my throat and the swelling and if the medication is working. I may wait until Wednesday though. It isn't working. I'm not exactly sure what happens next. During the day it is a tad better but at night it hasn't changed. I dread making that call. I really would like to do without surgery yet I know that Denise is getting wore out waking me and propping me up a few times a night. I'm kind of tired of fighting for breaths myself. We both stay tired.

  On the brighter side I went and looked at two Jennys (female Jackasses). The lady will not separate them and after watching the two I saw why, they are so attached to each other. If it is dry enough I will go get them this weekend. Jack will not only have buddies but mates. The floods today took down 3 sections of the new fence I will need to repair and me and Megan repaired what driveway we could and will have to buy more gravel. I called today to get an order placed for 20 ton. We didn't go back in the woods to check that fence but I'm pretty sure it is down too. Kind of depressing and yet that is just part of it. Tomorrow I will have to also ride up to the cows and check that fencing too, plus the cows. Lord what a day.