Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today started a little worse than yesterday. My throat is raw and my voice is a whisper at best. I'm wondering if it might not be yeast from the steroids. I know I over done it for a few days but not this much.

I did get the beans and corn tilled, I just took my time. I actually done what I was suppose too for a change, wore a mask and sunblock on the front of my neck. I wish I had done that all along. I didn't get to work the other one.

It looked like rain and smelled like rain, and it did rain. Me and Megan took a cat to a man, actually 2 that she found a home for. When we got back one of those sudden fatigue things hit and I slept through the first storm, briefly waking up and a second had come, slept through it too. Right now I'm in about 2 clicks to going out yet again tonight.

Dusty's chicken got broke into last night. I suspect a coon. It looked as though it tried to get mine but failed, so I guess it went to his. He found seven bodies or at least what remained. I went out once already and I'll go one more time and check with nightvision. He has a trap set so hopefully he can catch him and relocate him/her. I no longer have a live trap but I do have a trap that goes boom. It kind of relocates it too. :) I told Dusty I'd check his too, they are close to where ours are.

So tonight I go to bed swelled up and breathing even more labored, not to mention the neuropathy kicked it into high gear, and the swallowing went back like it was. Tonight Denise made a soft dinner, still got choked, but man was it ever good. I think I will keep my butt in tomorrow and rest... maybe. :)Well, there goes the dogs again, so something is up. So ends this day. Best part of this week though was I got to help a few people, that felt good. I may take mine and mom's trash off, but that'll be it. Nite.