Friday, April 15, 2011


   Long day today. I started out going with Matt to Knoxville to a place where a lot of computer shops get their computers to be repair or resold. We left out about 8:30am. Later on Denise came home and we headed to Knoxville, my second trip of the day to Knoxville. We were both pleasantly surprised to get to UT to a pretty much empty waiting room. Seems we hadn't sat down for long before I was called to the window, then blood work, then straight from there to the room. Man it was quick. It was nice to see some familiar faces back that we didn't see the last round. We even seen Ruth as we went back, but as usual, she was wide open. I don't know what she makes... but it ain't enough.

  Dr Panella came in with a big smiling face as usual. He asked several questions about the neuropathy, especially in the hands, which hasn't changed. He looked in my throat with a light and liked what he saw...or rather that is what he didn't see. I asked him about the CT Scan. He said it wasn't good news. He said the mass was still there but since it had not grown that he was calling the cancer gone for now. It appears to be radiation damage. The nodules in my lungs, some had gone and some had calcified, a little infection, but no cause for concern. Judging from that, no CT Scan was ordered for my lungs again. He also didn't order a follow-up CT when I return in 6 months.

   I think sometimes that Dr Panella don't know what to make of me with my twisted sense of humor and straight forward, blunt approach. I don't think many people do. He just smiles and laughs along with me. I actually think he is as good a person as he is a doctor. On the way out I looked in the Chemo Hut and lo and behold, there was Cindy surrounded by a room of new faces working. I couldn't help but stop in and say hello to her. There was, I think just two people left taking treatments, I remember when I was one of them. I thanked her for taking such good care of me.

  We went to Sams and got some stuff, then picked up Megan and headed back out, shoot, we even celebrated with dinner at The Golden Coral. Then, later tonight, Matt called and had found a board and processor on Craig's List. Guess where we took off towards at 11pm... Clinton, TN. The guy lied about what he had, but it was still a good deal. It would have been a better deal if we didn't have to drive all the way there in a storm. Too funny, Matt says he is going to take the heat sink off the processor, then looks at it and says, "That's not a quad core, it's a Core Duo". The guy's face though had lite up when Matt said he was going to check it out. He had brought the box from a Quad and was passing it off as the box it belonged too. At 1am, he just had to see if the guy was also lying about it being good, so he rigged it up. It works great!  This is the start of building a new computer for the Sunroom.

  Matt has stayed busy, and this is just his first week! He named the business M&M Computer Services, aka Matt & Misty. Today it seems that the Apples have done the best, yesterday it was the PCs. He picked up another doctor's office this week and the computer repair shops that bring their hard to repair computers to him are still bring them to him, despite his opening his own shop.

  Yesterday I got the bulk of the Bookcase made and it's standing up against the wall it will mount to. We gave away 3 dozen eggs. Annie got into Nursing School. Charlie got his arrangements made for his appointment at Vanderbilt. It has been a GREAT week.

  Now for the worst part. I weighed in at 225! Time to lose a few pounds.