Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, here we go again. Pills wear off and bingo, I awake to a severe dry mouth and throat. This time my mouth isn't as sore as my throat. This one even had a pinpoint area it radiated from. Right side beside my larynx. I'm now waiting for the pill to take effect. Lips and mouth dry as a bone. I've drank all my water so it's a good time to refill. Arm lets me know it's still there, but lesser than usual. Lidocaine has taken the edge off. I'm exhausted so I'll try again. This is like it was before In started only I can breathe. Trying it again, lol.

Rather than making  a new page, I'll just edit this one. It's now 5:05 and again I'm awake only this time add the pain in the shoulder back to level 7-8 to the throat. This time though my mouth doesn't hurt, it's just dry and pain has moved up a little in my throat. We leave at 6:00 to go to Knoxville so I'm not even sure it's worth going back to sleep. My body says yes. So the last time it was a little after 3am. This time I took 2, 10 mg pills of Lortab 10 and 2 Tylenol Arthritis, plus the Lidocane. I think I'll lisyen to my body and shoot for that 15 more minutes.

  Well, this was treatment #12, I'm almost 1/2 way there! This morning I was backwards on everything. I forgot to take my cocktail until we were right there. Charlie encouraged me that he knew I could do it, and that helped a lot. When we got there they informed me they would be taking x-rays in addition to the treatment. My anxiety level rose. I asked one of the ladies if they could turn on music, preferably from the 50, 60, 70s. They did and that helped. I said a prayer and asked for help (silently). The session was long but I made it! While they were unhooking me one lady said they noticed my fingers tapping on the ring and they thought I was freaking out. As they watched closer one of them noticed my lips moving and figured I was singing.

  This has to be the best session I've had. I was very fatigued and that helped. God however I give the credit to for helping me make it through it. The ladies there also deserved a lot of credit. Now the pills are in effect and I'm stoned for no reason, lol. I may just try it again without anything. The mask wasn't as tight as it usually is, that helped too.  

  I went into the office today and worked a bit but tired easily and got very hoarse. I got done what I had to get done. It was nice to interact with people, even if most was done from a phone. It has been a good day today. It started a little shaky but it ended up great. We even went to Walmart and I bought my 1st CDs, Mercy Me and Casting Crowns. Now that I finally have a CD in my everyday car, lol.  
   Tomorrow Denise goes with me instead of Charlie. She always likes to go when I meet with the doctors and we meet with Dr Panella tomorrow. I pray that everything is going good. By 12-8, I should be 1/2 way through the Radiology and this coming chemo should be the last one... that is if everything goes well.  

  So ends this day.