Saturday, September 3, 2011


  Well the first day was rough but the second wasn't too bad, nothing like I had expected. I think I took two pain pills yesterday. So far today, one. I've been soaking with warm salt water and using hot whatever that thing is on my face, just not as much as I should have. I've been reading on the web and wrote an article. I come close yesterday to going out and doing a little but I found out pretty quickly as I stirred around that wasn't too good of an idea. Hence the first pain pill, lol.

  My face is still swollen a lot and I think I may have messed up the stitch in the front with my tongue. So far, no dry sockets, thank God. I go next week and Sidney will check it out and then the next week for a mold to be made. By the 23rd I hope to have teeth. Until then, my butt is staying home. When I get healed up a bit more I bought enough concrete and stuff to keep me busy without going out.

  Megan, in her usual way, has been extremely attentive. She must have ran in and out of my room 100 times yesterday. She finally, when Denise was heading home asked if she could go play with Josh. Today Denise has stayed near and Megan not far off. They've enjoyed watching the Hummingbird eat out on the front porch.

  I can't wait to eat normal again. Ever since the Chemo I've had to be careful what I ate, how I ate, and kept Gorilla Glue near by. Man this is going to be good. I just gotta wait.