Friday, November 20, 2009

Chemo 3 - Day 2

Thursday wasn't so bad until the evening set in. As the cocktail of drugs used to calm me down enough for the Radiation Mask and treatment left, so did the stomach.

Here is a very large hint.... DO NOT EAT PIZZA! lol. I awoke to throwing up through my nose and mouth straight up. It felt like I was drowning. I rushed to the bathroom and took a Phengran pill with me. The swallowing didn't work as it all came up. I did take an herb and it calmed it down enough to lay back down and eventually go back to sleep just about an hour before time to go back to UT for another radiation treatment. When your sick, that is a long trip. The cocktail is lessen each day. Monday I will try and medicate myself and not need the IV meds. Pure Genius on their part. It may reduce my claustrophobia. Today though, even with a light cocktail I was too week and sick to put up much of a fight. 

  I have a handicapped parking pass now, so we get front row seats, lol. My stepdad Charlie took me down Thursday & Friday. We only use it though when we have to, which has been pretty much everyday since Tuesday. Although I did only get the temporary one, hopefully. Once back into the Chemo hut I was offered an IV to help stop the sickness, and it worked until tonight. Now we're back to stage 1. Again after pills failed I turn to an herb which calms my stomach somewhat.

  For 2 days now I have tasted this horrible metal in my mouth... even when drinking water. My stomach has roared and I've gotten rid of what I eat the wrong way.

  I have noticed that my neck is turning red from just 4 treatments. Thank God no sourness inside yet, I pray that I can at least eat a good Thanksgiving meal before either having to eat baby food or through a feeding tube. Either way though, I have a lot to give thanks for.

  If you get to this part always remember, God is there for you, why go it alone? All you need do is ask. The second thing to remember is that "Be it good or bad... no moment lasts forever." And the last is to be thankful if God has graced you with a good family and friends. These are not your "support groups", they are your lifelines that God has graced you with.

This too shall pass.