Tuesday, December 29, 2009


  In stayed up too late last night talking on the web but woke back up about 5:30am, didn't go to sleep until about 2:30am. I was tired but felt kinda funny. Me and Denise headed out to do my treatment and I took my cocktail on the way down, all was normal except I was just heavily fatigued. There are a few spots that already I can feel it burn. I was hoping to get at least 1-2 weeks before the pain set in again. I had taken one of the Endocets too and Denise though it might be a bit much with the pain patch so I took off the patch. The day was foggy in memory. I did drink a chocolate milkshake from Hardees. Usually I don't like milkshakes.  

  We came back home where I could take my medicine for the abscesses and were headed back out to a place in Bean Station that had the used 10 ply tires for sale in the Smoky Mountain Trader paper. 100.00 for 4 decent ones and the tire shop that was selling those also said that tires were going up 30% thanks to a new law. So we went to Sears to get Denise some tires too. I kept feeling worse and more fatigued and was a bit snippy with her. usually I talk to people but I just said and some what was necessary.

  We get back and I had to urinate, felt the need yet produced little water and painful at that. I remember the phone ringing and Megan (she stayed up all night) was saying something about going somewhere or something. I hit the bed. I woke up about 1:30 again feeling the need to urinate, but again it was painful and not very productive. I normally wake to a ringing phone but I didn't wake to anything. I slept until Denise woke me up mouth breathing again. I'm not sure what time it was. The bed was soaked in sweat and so was I. I was freezing and couldn't get warms. The blanket, bed, and pillow was soaked. She checked my temperature and it was normal. All of the pain medicine must have left my system by this time. I never knew how bad I hurt until then. I went and got a new patch and asked her to place it on me, then went back to bed.
  Denise came in about 5:30pm and woke me up, said I was mouth breathing again.Like the first time when woke me, my mouth was dry and I felt dehydrated. I went to the bathroom and was able to urinate without pain and effort. My hands, feet, and face are numb feeling. I still feel dehydrated and a weird taste in my mouth. There is a thing on my left shoulder that feels like a pin prick at times. Short but not intense pain, like a rubber band being flipped. My jaw is still swelled but it appears to be going down. Its now almost 9pm and I am going to take a bath and maybe look on the web for my emails then go back to bed after Denise does my treatment on my neck and bottom of my feet. I've ate decent considering I have been awake long.I weigh in at 201.5 lbs.