Friday, December 27, 2013


  Been a wild day. Me and Denise took mom to UT to have her blood checked and a follow-up with the Dr Hanna. Her blood was good for once, but chemo is off the table for her. She goes back in a couple of weeks, if the pain she is in will hold that long to see Dr Kilgore.

  Coming back, after we stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel, we got to see a good test of the meds for the narcoleptic type episodes. I was struggling but staying ahead of the curve. Right before the I-81/40 split it all changed. I looked over and Denise was screaming at me on my right, and I heard a horn sound from my left, one of those long blows. I jerked the car back over, I had drifted 1/2 way into the next lane. It didn't seem like I had went to sleep, more like just hit a time warp. I saw a black Mercedes front end coming back from almost completely being off the road... and that would have been the horn I heard. For the loudness and tone Denise was using, I'm glad all the windows were up, seemed the guy I edged off the road was pretty upset. Looked like a brown box had overturned inside his car, and boy did he look like he was pissed, screaming and pointing my way. It was a nice black Mercedes Coupe, way out of my price range. Nobody got hurt and no damage was done, thank God. Now I just gotta figure out that sign he gave after I looked over and smiled. Either he was grading my driving, or I was number one. :)