Wednesday, October 17, 2012


  I go this week for 2 follow-ups, Rathfoot & Panella. These are less than an hour apart but both are at UT. I look forward to especially Rathfoot and his scope this time. I have been having to clear up blood each morning this week, except yesterday it was just tinged. Denise seems to think the blood and bleeding is from yeast in my throat again. It takes quite an effort to get it all up each morning and depending on just how much is how or if my throat is sore or not. I've never quite got back on track from the last bush hog event. I have a lot to go but I'm almost afraid to do it. Denise also says a yeast infection would be a part of my fatigue and body pain. I hope she is right.

  Today me and Megan went on the hill to make some fence repairs, set 7 posts and reattached the wire on some of the old ones and attached the wires to the new ones. It will need more work but that will do for now. Neuropathy once again comes in handy, from the briars I look like I got in a fight with a cat and lost, paper thin skin. I'll be looking for festered spots as the thorns work themselves out.  Megan is a lot of help in doing things these days. Still haven't finished the Sunroom molding, may not get finished again this year. I've also got to fix the lawn mower again, if nothing else it is a lifesaver taking the feed to the chickens. And I still haven't put the new roofs on the buildings, maybe soon though. I have to work around the neuropathy, weather and add to that lately double vision at times. Shame it doesn't happen when I'm looking at a dollar. :)

  I fell off the Gluten-Free diet this week too. Denise is sticking to it, lost 13 lbs so far and Megan says she won't come off it either, her sinuses have cleared up, acid reflux gone, weight down, and energy up. None of us bloat either. The chickens and dogs have enjoyed this diet from time to time when I try a new recipe that don't turn out. White sandwich bread is what we like though and seems the hardest one to imitate, but thats covered now. I want to try a French Loaf (long one) and have herb and garlic on it. The chocolate chip cookies though have been the best so far. I sort of lost heart for a while after seeing the Paleo Diet, I think that is a bit much and a bit in excess. Moderation is usually the key to things, which seems to be lacking these days in everything. I will have to admit though that I think gluten is the key to many problems, especially acid reflux and weight.

  So after the visits this week I'll be posting again on the results, be that good or bad. I figure we have a certain numbers of breaths God gives us from the time we arrive. What we do with those breaths He leaves up to us. As was once said,  "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away." - Hilary Cooper