Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chemo 4, Day 1

I barely got up in time, Dense practically making me get up this morning. Me and Charlie done our usual stops and we ate Biscuits and Gravy at Hardees after our first stop at Easy Inn for my water and Charlies coffee. 
They took more x-rays to make sure they are hitting the right spots before beginning the treatment. I tell you these people accurate. I'm glad that I chose to have them done at UT now.

I've stayed extremely tired today. I had planned on going in the office to do a Fannie Mae report, already late... but it didn't happen. It's almost 12pm and it is the longest I've been awake at a time.

  I big sneeze and a cough make me worry if I'm catching a cold, especially since I've been in public and my blood is so far off. For the 1st time my whole throat, not just the side with cancer is extremely painful. It's taken both the pain meds and the Lidocaine (numbing) to tolerate it. The only times I have woke up so far have been to severe pain from the dryness of my mouth and throat. We bought some stuff, not what the lady there with mouth cancer told us, couldn't find it, but Mike's Pharmacy is ordering it for us, so this will have to do. It's called Oasis but the name the lady uses and stands by is Biotene (maybe misspelled). 

  This one will be short as I am drained. How after sleeping so much I have no idea why, but I am.

This one is for you Megan. You will know why your dad keeps smiling and can enjoy this song as much as I do