Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Misty

Happy Birthday Misty

The night you were born started odd. Cathy woke me up and said "It's time". We were living with mom and dad then and I woke up mom and repeated just what Cathy had said. "It's time". Mom rose up and said, "Time for what", kinda pissed. I filled her in so she woke up and called Charlie, which he came right over. There we sat in the Kitchen, mom and Charlie drinking Coffee and I was sitting with them. Around the corner come your mom, carrying a suit case and asked for help and said we needed to go... so we left, lol. Once in the car and backing out we noticed her standing there, we'd forgotten her, lol. Off we went. 

  We got there and rushed her right in. Back then a man had to go through some classes before he was allowed in the delivery room. We didn't have the money or time for me to take them, so I waited in the waiting area. At one time I had 3 cigarettes going and was about to light a 4th. We heard a woman scream curse words out and the guy sitting next to me says, "Thats my wife, I know her voice and tone." We had barely gotten her there in time and I thought maybe it was Cathy. The doctor was heading out to get me when you started crowing. 

  The time I sat there I thought of all the people I had said things to about must have a boy. I finally got up, went into the Bathroom, and prayed that whatever God gave us would be healthy. My craving for a boy ended and humility started. :). When they wheeled you out I fell in love with you when we locked eyes. So much so that I went and bought bubble gum and cigars to pass out. I gave up on a boy that night, had no idea there would be 2 more added years later. All of this you have heard before, but this part is new. I went back in the bathroom after they took you down the Hall and thanked Him for such a beautiful baby. 

  Now you turn 34, have your own family, and raise them well. I am very proud of the woman you have grown into. I know it was hard to grow up with just a dad for a while, but it sure was good. I swore that I would never leave my kids like I was left, and though I've made some mistakes, I remained. I see that look of duty in your face today with your kids. So, happy birthday to a great daughter, mother, wife, and sister. If I never do anything else right, there are at least 3 things I see that I was a part of doing right... plus Denise, though she came to us right, we just done some tweaking, lol. Now you see your kids like I have always seen you, Annie, and Megan. If you live to be 100 you will still be one of my little girls. You inspired me as a child, and even more so as an adult.