Sunday, April 3, 2011


  I haven't been on much lately. This computer is like me, slightly challenged at times and a bit outdated. :) Matt fixed it enough to get me by and even went one step more, talked me out of buying another one. I thought oh great, another thing popped up. Between a beginning of tests and doctor visits with meeting a deductible again, the flood damaging the fences and even worse, the foundation, driveway, medications, teeth, we watch what we spend. He gave me a board, suggested we use the old case, then looked on Ebay and other places for the right components to build one that I normally couldn't afford pretty dang cheap. The parts are ordered and he will put it together when they get here. We were up until 1:11am last night and he worked on it until 3am the night before. I knew Matt was smart on this stuff, especially after getting certified, but I guess I didn't know just how smart. I've got a degree in electronics repair from 1982 but got behind on all the technology. He memorizes all this stuff like Denise does medications. How I have no idea, I ran off the other day and had to come back to get my teeth, lol. I never thought I'd say that. :)

  So today me and Matt went to Office Max and he got some card stock to make him some cards. He is going to open a computer repair business in the office where mom has American Homes and Realty here in town. Matt is smart but also kind hearted, so I think he will do good. I think it will be great. Mom and him will be there to keep each other company, I know since I left she gets lonely up there. She doesn't have a lot of down time but after dad's passing, with dad not coming in and out and me gone, I know she likes company. He still isn't sure what he will call it, but I think he will do fine. Matt also fixed Denise's heater on her car.

  I done a boo-boo again and even a few people noticed the swelling. I think maybe I am eating some stuff I shouldn't since I have the teeth. Tomorrow Dr. Steltzman will adjust them. They are tight but get a little bit of food under in a few spots. My gums are a bit sore in places and I've not been wearing them when I'm home unless I'm eating. I think I know why horses don't like bridles now, lol. I'll get use to them though over time. A lot of times already I don't notice they are in there. I have some saliva glands at least trying to work. Funny, it's been so long I get chocked a lot of times from having spit. I still have to carry liquid with me but can go longer without it.

  I rode the bike around the block myself and up town. I'm still not quite back up to snuff yet and in part it was to see how I did. Not that I would want to wreck, but I don't want to endanger Denise. I done good but just a little more I think.

  My new scans are this month, so hopefully they will show all clear. I've thought about that a lot lately. Either way, I think I will have won. I use to say I wouldn't go this far for treatments but it has been well worth all the Hell I went through to have just a bit more time. Translated that is an endorsement for fight and seek help.

  Charlie is coming to terms with his and he has tests that start this month too. At first he seemed defeated and that worried me, but now he is ready to fight. I've given him some of those lectures he gave me. I think for those who first hear the word cancer, or that something can't be cured, it is a shock. That is natural. The first time I hear that was Pernicious Anemia. We were the same way. It's about the same grieving process as death or divorce. His worries and fears are the same as mine were about getting choked in public. It's not that one will die from aspiration, it's the embarrassment of being in public. Like I told him though, after a while one learns to quietly dislodge the stuff and control the panic. Funny what a person can get use to and overcome. Normal is just a term that allows for adjustment.