Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I can't believe I made it again, 2012... WOW! I caught a cold Christmas night that has lasted well unto today, but it's winding down finally. Denise had it (seldom gets sick) Megan, Misty, The grandkids, mom, Matt... hey I done ok. I just finished up a round of meds to rid my throat of another yeast infection, breathing was labored throughout that.

  I'm getting some stamina back with the help of Caffeine. :)  Soon the check-ups will start again. Meanwhile it's past time I get started on this house and buildings again. Right after the repair on the hay lot so we can catch calves to sell. I underestimated how much hay I needed this year. Wishful thinking. The Garlic is up and I'll straw them as soon as nature decided to let us get a little dry. I'm already burning wood where the garden will be this year.

  I think the O2 is helping me at night if I can just keep it on. I feed like a dog that's been leashed, lol. And finally I'm half way adjusting to these teeth. They basically stay in when you want them out and come out when you want them in, lol.

  I pray that all had a Happy New Year.