Friday, February 18, 2011


Eye Appointment today with Dr Jaynes. I wanted to wait until the effects of the chemo and Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments had stabilized. Man that was an through exam, I think the best one I've ever had. My eyes had changed quite a bit. I was expecting that though. Cheryl helped me pick out the glasses. She is good at that so I went with what she thought. They talked me back into bifocals again, we will see.

  Other than that I tossed a dead skunk out of the yard the dogs killed, had lunch with William, talked to BB (cousin), fed the cows, finished the fence at Misty's house, dug a pit for Matt, fed the animals, and played with the puzzle. I'm wore out but it feels good to be tired from something productive. It wasn't a god day. It was a great day today.