Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This month starts a round of tests and possibly the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments again. I'm not sure though I want to do them again. The nutty doctor is gone that ran it, someone said he died of cancer, but those long trips to Knoxville and those long treatments... I just don't know. Garden season is so close. Need to finish the repairs from last year's storms. Teach Megan to drive and get her in some classes. I could make a list a mile long. Tomorrow though I think I'm headed down, body says no but mind says try. Then a part of me wants to breathe and talk normal again. We will see.

  Tonight though  I went and bought trees, lost of tress, to block and create a privacy fence to where certain people couldn't harass them again. Friday the signs are perfect for that, in the breast.

BB (cousin) is doing good after his surgery. I think it's the Hill blood in him. He said Janet (wife) took excellent care of him, she is a nurse too.

  We picked up the checks, me and Megan, plus Mark's for him. Traveled to Mascot to Knoxville Livestock Barn. The 6 we took of mine brought enough to pay Mark, Megan, the Property Taxes, and reimburse me the 2840.00 in hay. They fell short on other feeds and supplies. They will also pay my hospital bill off, then we're back out of debt once again, for a time. Megan wanted to go there so we saw no use in 2 vehicles going towards the storms. We done just fine. We still have 10 more, God willing, to sell later on. For now though I'm spent. Time to recover. 

  Below is a film Megan made of last night as the storms spilt and missed us, thank God for that.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Been a wild last 2 weeks. Misty, Matt, and the kids have moved away now. Matt got a job away with benefits and other reasons I won't go into. They are doing good. Misty say she and the kids miss home, I told her we missed them too. They couldn't take Rex with them so I asked they leave him and when they visit the kids can play with him. Rex looks so lonely, we're going to get him a buddy. We're going to get him a buddy though, in the meantime.  Some of the stress was relieved that they were all adjusting and things were working out, still I miss them a lot. Mom sets and cries over it.

  I saw BB and he had to have surgery on his small intestine, but doing good after a bout with that. He was in good cheer and when this heals he needs shoulder surgery.

  I mowed mom's yard yesterday and when the rain subsides Misty's yard the ours. Today we loaded calves for the market, Mark came and helped. It was Megan's first time loading and she done great. Megan manned a 11-12 ft x 5 ft tall stock panel, unattached to anything except her and one other panel. The largest bull about 750 lbs) hit it and she stood him down. He was a little gentle and not totally wild. Then he hit mine and I stood him down too, except briers or metal, could have even been a hoof sliced my leg in two places, one about 2 inches and one about four inches. Camo always hides the blood if it don't wash out, so I was good. Once the first jumped into the trailer the rest followed, Mark came swinging one door and I the other. Six all together and they suggested I sell them as a group, said it'd pay more. First time I even did that, usually I sell the individually. Mark guessed we had at least 3500lbs in the trailer. They were a wee bit larger than they like them, so top dollar I'm thinking is out of the question. I trusted their suggestion at Mascott so we will see. So far there are 10 more to go, just not now.

  We've had a few beautiful days, I needed those. Days like this help the depression go away. The garden area wasn't dry enough today, plus we had the cows to do, but I'm itching to get a garden started. I guess now at 1am I have to lock and load and look around for prowlers again. It is what it is.   

Saturday, February 18, 2012


  Misty came through her surgery great and in a couple of weeks should be healed and they will know if another surgery is needed.

  I busted an ankle last, don't remember if this is the first time or the second. I've debated on telling the unusual dream and way it happened. At the rate I'm going I think graceful is out of the question. I figure I'll give it another week to see if it improves. Next month I visit Dr. Panella, after a scan, plus I said I'd start Hyperbaric O2 again... maybe. I really don't want to. It is been a month, a long month. Seems sometimes when it rains it pours. Some personal issues that I won't go into. But also next month Baby will have a birthday and it will be 2 years I think since dad died, same day as our our Anniversary.  23 years this one.

  But I will end this with humor and something to ponder, as to the ankle bang. I was sleeping well. Most dreams I never remember them, actually I don't think I do dream, but this night was different. I've not had a dream like this before. I just started walking on a dirt road into a town like area like Mayberry, RFD. Now I saw no signs or anything but it felt like it. Dad was standing, smiling, glad to see me. Slowly as I approached I saw more and more loved ones. Dad was standing there, looked in his 30s. Annie and Papa were there along with Keith to the right side, then other kin slowly walked from the mist. People began to come forward toward me. I hear a couple of them. There were people who I haven't yet met, yet I know them too, and they knew me as well. They all seemed in their 30's. They walked closer to me and I them I awoke. It was great, and for some reason in black & white, like a gray scale like old TV shows were. As I got closer suddenly it felt like somebody tossed me in a spin, three times to be exact, and I felt my ankle hit twice. Once on the top of the night stand and once on the top of the humidifier. I stood the humidifier back up. It's about knee high and water was coming out onto the floor.     

  I'll eventually have to make a move with the Non Hodgkin's, one way or the other as it has expanded quite a lot this time. Thank God for Neuropathy sometimes, my feet look kind of rough and the patches have advanced to where they would hurt. Funny how sometimes what looks like curses can become blessings. Sometimes I hit a wall though and just want to scream, except I haven't that ability anymore. Maybe this is one of those stages one goes through, growing pains, except the pain is real, so is the fatigue. I think most days the thought of there are many people worse off helps keep one focused. Other times it is just words, depressing words. I heard a person on the radio say "Use me oh Lord", and I thought, believe me you don't want that. Course you could also land healthy as a horse at a beach, but that probably won't happen. Add to the bothers though is that once again we're out of hay and it is too muddy to load the calves that should have been taken last year off.  But before the dream end and could touch a force in the dream ended just as fast. I must have taken  a fast roll off the bed , from a distance. I landed about 2 ft from the Bed and relented to go back to. It felt like I flipped 3 times. I crashed either my foot or ankle on the corner of the night stand, then landed on the humidifier. I was in pain, yet nobody heard that. Somehow though I got back up and into bed, in pain but at the same time a good feeling. I started this post on the 17th but never finished it. Even now I hesitate about actually posting it. So if this don't make sense thats why. I reread the first part and it looked like primitive English. I tried to correct it and then saw later on I had explained things later. I'm going to be lazy and just post it as is. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Busted ankle doing much better the last few days, call me grace for short. I went to Ron Moles today, made the appointment with him when he done Denise's hair. It's a bit shorter than I wanted but he done a great job and the mustache and beard trim were/are unbelievable. Denise wanted it a bit longer in the back, Megan wanted it back long, Misty liked it but said she kind of liked it longer, Annie liked it, and mom loved it. I didn't realize it was this cold out, what was I thinking? :) It does feel better though and I'm sure looks better. Ron is at 511 N Jackson Street in Morristown. He is a good guy and I think as crazy as I am.

  Me and Megan went to feed the cows and I screwed up royally. I speared a bale about half, raised it up, then the spear broke. I'll see if Randy can weld it, he stays busy and I may need it before he can get to it, so we went to Interstate Tractor and bought a new one. They had the best price on them. Still I like old things and ours was old, so I'll see if it can be repaired.

  Tomorrow Misty goes in for surgery. I get to take her over there and Kim Collinson will do it at his office. Kim delivered 2 of the 3 we have, but their all grown. I think he was the one who spayed Denise, neutering was a bit out of the question after a nurse smiled and said, "Snip, Snip" her finger like scissors. I got to thing about the bulls I'd done or taken a part in doing that way... didn't look so appealing.   

Monday, February 13, 2012

Coconut Oil

Tryin this again Cali. 

From this site

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Got the lab results back yesterday and they're good. Denise has been giving me Potassium supplements and it checked at the low end of good. Add another pill. I read on DR Mercola on the Coconut oil helping Alzheimer, Autism, and a whole host more. It doesn't cure them but help heal them back a ways. Also good on skin and is anti-bacterial too. I fried an egg in it today and it done good, except coconut oil has no taste.    This stuff works for Dementia, Autism, Alzheimer patients It raises the low Cholesterol with dropping the bad. Think Cognitive functions.  Plus great for the skin. Just make sure it doesn't have trans-fats. There is a video on the link. I ain't done nothin, but I'm tired.  


I still haven't figured out why I don't get emails anymore when someone posts a comment. I don't check a lot and since (thank God) things have stabilized I'm not up here as much. I should be outside already for a few hours but it's cold, plus I slightly got it too warm in the house with the wood stove. It's cloudy so that is the excuse I'm going with, can't say the sun was in my eyes.

  I went yesterday and got blood drawn to test the T3 and 4, or something levels and see if they are down enough to start medicine for the Thyroid. It's dead the body just don't know it, don't make sense to me but that is why I'm not a doctor I guess. If it involves not adding another pill I'm all for it, can't remember to take what I am suppose to take now.

  Denise got her hair colored last week. The girls kept telling her to color it and I know she wanted it colored, personally I think she is beautiful gray or not, but she feels better with the gray gone, and that is what counts. So I set her up with Ron Moles, the guy is great with hair. He is hard to get into but well worth the wait. I delivered to him years ago plus mom has gone to him for years. She loved Ron right off bat and I knew she would, he is a nut. Definitely a happy man. The 14th he is going to cut mine and while he does I'll pick his brain about Apples, he loves a Mac. Denise will not spend money on herself and I know you read this Denise, caught ya. I didn't think she did until I caught her on her laptop a couple of nights ago.   

  Sally said she has been having some kind of electrical stimulation to her legs and it has improved her Neuropathy stiffness. I've had those treatments years ago on both shoulders and elbows. I think I'll mention that to Panella next time, think he is next. The Neuropathy came in handy last week, broke two toes, one was a first time break, the other big toe, last one that hasn't been broken at least once. I'm assuming that graceful isn't one of my stronger suites. They're actually healing faster than the finger, which I think a break must be better than a tear. Plus I think I should have left it taped up longer, it still isn't of much use. My bad.

  I've been trying to skip the Neuropathy pill in the mid day thing. It works sometimes and sometimes it don't, but a start none the less. I'll focus on the sometimes it does work.

  We haven't had winter, we've got mud season so far this year. We got the hay lot fence fixed and ready to use it to catch calves if the weather will cooperate where we can get a trailer in there. I bought 20 more rolls last week Tammy & Jerry brought up. We had to keep them back here and just take one when we need to when we feed, use other rolls up there too. I put a bunch of them together and Megan and the grandkids have been playing on them, too funny.