Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10-28-2013 Try Again

This is my second go around attempting to cut back the Prednisone dose, the first time a while back didn't go so well. Denise has no clue that I've cut it. This is day 3 and while it is getting tough to swallow or breathe, I'm continuing on. I'm tired, probably from the swelling in my throat but determined just the same. I've cut back on Mt Dew, started drinking some Tea Denise makes that is sugar mixed with Stevia... take some getting use to. Started drinking water more. Its not been as easy as I'd hoped for but not as hard as it was the last time.

  We fed the cows today for the second time, me and Megan. Ran errands and helped mom set up her computer and find the forms she needs and print them out. Mom wasn't able to take her chemo last week, her blood was too low. So she tries again this week after having a shot to build it back up again. She worries about the cancer that is spreading and the Leukemia that keeps her from getting chemo and radiation for the fast one. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

10-03-2013 Lab Results

  Its been a little while since my results came back, just haven't been online as much lately. The Thyroid dosage Rathfoot prescribed was exactly spot on, no need for adjusting. Blood Fasting test shows that I am borderline Diabetic. Denise thinks maybe from the prolonged use of Prednisone and her sister said there is a good chance it might reverse when I get off it. Tonight I dropped my evening dose of Prednisone, yet another major yeast infection in my throat. I decided to cut the dose in 1/2, starting tonight. It will either work or it won't, we shall see.

  Dr Hana has got mom's blood in good enough shape that she starts chemo this month. It has been a while since after discovering that she also has Leukemia in addition to her cancer. She is scared but nervously awaiting the beginning. Worried about her hair, which will come out in about 2 weeks after the 1st dose. I have to admit, that one bothered me a lot too.

  Michael has finished the Sunroom work he was doing and it looks, as always, great. The man is a perfectionist. We have a guy named William that he recommended for the concrete work. It seems strange that we would hire someone to do that, I worked in it when I was young, but I ain't young no more. He hasn't got to finish the parking pad but he did finish the walk way. His health went south so it will be a while. He called tonight to tell me he would try and get it by early next week, apologized for the delay, and thanked us for being nice and patient. Sickness and health is something we have little to no control over and we fully understand that. If ever I understood anything its that. Just as we told Michael not to worry I also told him the same. I built this house in 82, me and Denise added on 21 years ago, and all this time we've lived just fine without a side walk or concrete parking pad and I'm sure it won't kill us to wait a little longer. Me and Megan though done some of the work today in the prep for the pad, but only because we wanted to do it, not to take away or replace or hurry him up. Megan learns something new, I get to pass the day, and we both get to help someone out.