Tuesday, December 17, 2013


  Tomorrow I start the new med Projectile for the narcoleptic type episodes I've been having for a while now. Oddly enough, rather than medicate for sleep they give a med to stay awake during the day. Apparently the Sleep Apnea is what Rathfoot thinks maybe be causing these episodes.  A CPAP is out, my throat is too damaged to sustain the pressure so I have the nostril type thing that wraps around the ear. I take mom to UT tomorrow for her (hopefully) chemo, I say hopefully because so far the Lymphoma keeps her blood too low to do the chemo from her other cancer. Yesterday she bled, so tomorrow is up in the air. I just pray it isn't too late. Mom began going over some end details with me today. I listened this time, but I didn't want to.

  Last week when we went I freaked her out again by heading towards the floor. I was lucky that time, came to in time to avert another face first slumber, lol. Mom said I went limp and leaned backwards in the chair, then went forward and started down. I just remember thinking I'm tired a few time prior, and again thinking it, then it seemed I opened my eyes and caught myself. I joked and blew it off. Last time we went I done similar in the car, luckily nobody was close to us. I went across 3 lanes and into the emergency lane before waking. When I'm at home I can go hide and lay down for a while. It is embarrassing.

  I also have a shout out to the Lymphoma Board as to if these sores in my scalp are part of the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I'm broken out all over with patches once again, so I know it is active, just not sure about those sores. My head is full of them and painful. Most of the patches just itch or burn, some hurt but nothing I can't deal with. My legs look and feel like they've been scalded, arms ain't much better. I really don't want to go back to Vanderbilt, it would be different if they could remiss it or cure it, but last I heard, they can't.

  On a plus note, now that I've went back to 10mg of Prednisone I'm sounding a lot less like Dart Vader when I breathe. Still have the Wolfman Jack voice though. :) I've also been able to swallow better.