Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec 17th follow-up

 Well, by the time we get here my temperature was 103.5 DF. They admitted me and that is where I write from now... the Penthouse, lol. Last Room on the very top (12th story)..It would appear that I will be out at the earliest, Saturday or Sunday... but that at change as I am still running on and off  temperature.

My white cells .09 and should be 4.8-10.6... not too good. They have brought and left this sutff to clean and care for my neck radiation burns, which are severe.

I doubt that I will be checking email tonight and am tired. I mouth breathe when I sleep and that wakes me with pain and bleeding. I considered taking  Morphine on top of the patch but I really the pain to awaken me.

   The staff here at UT are nothing short of excellent. The food ain't 1/2 bad either, lol. Dr Panella is also checking my urine and blood work and has has ordered more X-Rays of my chest. They have added Oxygen because my O2 stats are down.

  I tricked Denise into eating.. I told her I was hungry (they are wanting me to gain weight) and so downstairs she went. I kinda stumbled around on what I might eat, but for her to use her own opinion. She came back with stuff she liked and I should be able to eat. Told her I couldn't and hate to see it wasted... so she ate it. She needed that.

   A lady down the hallway just coded tonight. They were working on her when Denise came back in. The guy who came to get me for the chest X-Ray brought a stretcher, which I thought weird at first. I think this floor is the one where very, very sick people come. Advanced cancer, compromised  immunity-- stuff like that. That explains the stretcher. I guess me being able to walk, but he wouldn't let me, rules.  

December 17th 5:00 am

  I awoke to the usual pain, maybe decreased a bit and more just a soreness than pain. Automatically I (usual) pulled up through my sinus and throat a mouthful of what felt like phlegm, so I spit into an empty water bottle designated just for that. This time though instead of the regular color it was mostly blood. I ended up spitting up about 3 more mouthfuls of blood and phlegm, then it went back clear. It was a pinkish color. Now it is a mixture. The patch for pain should be kicked in by now but I've never used one before so I no way of knowing how much pain is being blocked. I am a little dizzy and my voice is gone. It's now 5:17, I woke up maybe about 25 minutes ago. STRANGE.

  5:22- checking for temperature now.  It is 101 but I drank som3e cold water so I have to retake.
 5:40 - retake It is now 5:44. Right at 102 D F.

 Dr Panella called back  and we have to be to the lab this morning and check for cultures growing. He said I may have to be admitted. I am either hungry or sick at my stomach, not sure which, plus I'm freezing. It's now 6:43 am.