Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I stayed up working on the data for mom until about 3:45am and was back up a little before 7am. The pain wasn't that bad but eating is back where it was, hard to swallow and some goes up the nose and some in the airways and some where it should. I thought I would be past this by now. I stayed at the office until 12:30 when I came home, the pain level was too high. I took some 7.5 mg Loratabs with me and after I had to use the second one, I thought it was tine to go, I didn't get all of it done.

I used Lidocaine, forgot about that, to ease it off. It did some but very, very little. The swelling is slowly impairing my breathing and you can hear the flap moving are a gurgle or wheeze when I breathe. The referred pain is back in just the left ear so far. I used some oxygen and it me from feeling like I am smothering for a little while. I will update if anything changes.

I have an update on dad on his page, it's not good.

Breathing is extremely labored tonight and so far I have done 2, Loratabs with nothing working. With 2 pain pills, the pain is still at a level 9. I'm not sure just why. I will sleep in my chair tonight. Everything else is fine though, even the outside is tender. Sun???