Saturday, August 25, 2012


  No sleep tonight, Aurthur has come home tonight, lol. I think I've looked about a dozen times to see if rain is near but it's not, so I guess the seasons are changing. If thats it I can expect this until it completes it and then only on wet cold days. Sometimes I wonder if Iron Man has this much metal in him, lol. I can set on the computer and guarantee I won't go to sleep or lay in the bed and toss and turn.  I bush hogged some more this week and it takes a few day to a week to get the swelling down in my throat, but I only lack about 4 more hours and the field will look good. Still need to mow the gardens up and have been prepping the one where the Garlic goes, that may be all I plant next year.

  I have a new link I put on these sites and I'll put one on my Facebook site, Moms Autism Journey. Misty called and said she was thinking about placing a blog up on Autism to see if she will have people respond back and maybe they could learn from each other. Misty is my oldest and her son Brandon is 10 years old and has Autism. He is actually smart and sweet, well sweet most times. I think we're all like that though. It's hard for a child to get the right help and hard for the parents when they don't. Personally I think it is a great idea. If for no other reason than to vent or say things she normally wouldn't say in person. Those feelings that come from way down inside that we all have to get out. Questions that arise. It's new so she hasn't put much up yet and she is a good writer, then again she has her teaching degree whereas I still think a pronoun is a noun that went pro. I am good at adverbs though, especially when working on something. I can add more verbs than one can could, or probably wish to hear.

  Please check out her blog and if you have a child or are an adult with Autism join it. There is always strength in numbers and enough people holding a small candle up can illuminate the world.