Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teeth Gone 9-01-11

  Denise took me to Dr Boyd's office this morning and he pulled the top teeth out. I was a coward this time and requested to be put to sleep, unlike when he took out the bottom ones. I woke up and felt some pain but not the worse I've had. After the numbing wore off, man what pain. So now, with the exception of the bottom two teeth, I'm toothless. If I understood correctly, I have one huge stitch that goes from one side to the other. lol, it grosses Denise out to look at it.

  If all goes well, in about two weeks Dr Steltzman will make an impression and by the third week of this month I'll have my plate made. I've no idea how long it will take me to get use to it. I've stayed inside today, except to feed the chickens and stray cats. With the hydos I've went in and out, I'm not use to them anymore. Clots have formed and just a very little bleeding now, so maybe I won't have to do the pain pills long.

  Me and Megan worked on the wall Tuesday, we got 41 block laid. It's the same wall I started earlier this year, still not done yet. Megan took to the trowel pretty good patching head joints. We backed off of it Wednesday, I lost my voice and my throat swelled up. I forgot that the anti-inflammatory meds would have to be stopped before surgery. I'll start them back tomorrow. We spend the day running errands. I bought enough chicken food to last a month and concrete to mix so I won't have to go out in public much, least that's the plan. Mom's toilet tore up in dad's bathroom so I fixed that yesterday morning, then fixed her plumbing to the toilet where her and or Annie attempted to fix the toilet before they called me. So now both are fixed.

  Denise has stayed home with me today and waited on me. I'd milk it but I'd be pushing it, lol. I figure I'll stay in another day and goof off, I haven't been on the computer much lately. Rick and Al got our porch done and me and Megan built a new gate to match it. I'm going to build Mist and Matt one to match their porch too. Mom's gate has a cracked elbow, so that needs fixed too. The garden is pretty much done until Garlic planting time, save for gathering the seeds.