Friday, April 12, 2013


I went to Dr Schindler today and he looked at the fingers and said the stitches were ready to come out, so he took them out. I have a lot of faith in that man. They are still swelled and he said to keep an eye on the Pinky since it was the one that had bacteria growing in it. I guess the bones and stuff are a bit bruised is the swelling thing, still can't put pressure or grab stuff yet, but I will, it'll just take time. The end of one finger is black, but hopefully that'll change. It looks as though I have kept my fingers, minus some of the material (guess that was fat) in the last two. This could have turned out a lot worse. Proof that God watches out for idiots. :) I have the worse 2 taped up tonight, just in case. It won't be long until I can get dirty again, the grip part will come. Soon as it does I have to fix the power steering on the tractor and the manifold on the dump truck. They will be off and not running, lol. It's all good.


Sunday, April 7, 2013


  Me and Megan planted Carrots today... well Megan planted and I supervised. Usually this time of year I have a lot of trouble with my throat and Dr Rathfoot is expecting it to be as usual. I think he will be pleasantly surprised though when my throat doesn't close up as much from lack of gardening. I have my fingers though and I think I have past the worry of losing them to this event, thank God. The end of this week or next week, the stitches come out. I had thought that would be the freedom to go back at it at first. I was wrong again. The swelling is taking it's time going down and the bones are tender with pressure. X-Rays showed nothing broken or fractured so the bones must be bruised pretty bad inside. I think this is going to be a while yet.

  I've been going without the bandages when I'm at home during the day. I believe the air helps the fingers to heal and I get a chance to exercise them. I probably get the stitches out towards the end of the week, first of next week. I thought that would be the hump over and done, but I could be wrong... again, lol. The tears and cuts are healing good and I think the bacteria is going out of the Pinky, but the swelling is slow to respond. I can bend the fingers a little but not enough to grip and the bones are sore to pressure. It's finally dry enough to load the calves but no way I can handle them, the gate, or the door. Mark always helps me with them and I'm sure he would do it if I asked him to, but that would risk injury to him. We have to have at least 2-4 people to load them up safely. I need to build a loading chute, but that takes money and time.

  As usual, I go for plan B and C if I must, and thank God I have help to carry them out, else there would be no alternative plan this time. I had planned on growing a lot of different things but seed starting should have already been, soil conditioning should have too, as well as site preps. So this year perhaps much smaller than usual, less diverse as planned.... but maybe that ain't such a bad thing. Feels like it sometimes though. I have to believe, apart from my stupidity, things that are allowed to happen do so for a reason. Personally I think most things are just events, neither good nor bad, but neutral, and what we do with those events determine what they are. Sometimes we can take an event and turn it around, but I think if we allow, all things work to glorify God's love and will.

  Megan has wanted to learn gardening, so here is her chance. She has the need to grow things and has studied on some things. She wants to learn to build and with her new 6 ducklings she will need to build a large pen. Instead of building it she will build it, and I will serve as a helper and consult. For a time, I will have to serve as her and Denise's helper and on some things, and an observer on others. I have no problem with any of that except being an observer. Megan wants to learn to bake bread, so this is her chance to do that too. Now if I can get her to drive, lol. I think that day perhaps she saw how important driving is. She wanted to drive me to the hospital, and I'd loved to have had her done that, except I was already in pain and injured and didn't want more, lol. I want her to be independent, self sufficient, and confident so that when we are no longer here, she will be ok and also help her mom. I know full well my condition and where I stand in longevity, so I need to step it up a notch. To help her increase as I decrease and yet do something I could not, remain with a pure heart.    

Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm healing pretty quick, just not as quick as I'd like to heal. The little finger has got an infection, bacteria, or something like that. The antibiotics got me another yeast infection in the throat but already working on fixing that. In addition to the meds, turns out, Unsweetened Yogurt is actually good for that. I think I have another week before they look at the sites and take out the stitches.

  I think I just killed my chance at a hand model, lol.