Sunday, December 27, 2009


  We have checked my weight this morning yet, another problem. The tooth that broke has now abscessed and has swelled my right side of my jaw as of last night it has swelled into my throat, right where the tumor is. Of all the luck. Last night the pain broke through all the pain medication, but I didn't take any Morphine. Some bloody spit came out a few time and a horrible taste is in my mouth.

  I'm not sure if it is related or what but I became dizzy last night and I still am. We talked about going to the ER but the risk of infection is too great considering a UT dentist said that ER is not equipped for dental. It would be a source to get some Penicillin and one would think that a doctor could lance the gum or something to give this stuff an exit. Rama is out of town or we could get him to call me in some and Deb isn't home.

   I told Denise wouldn't that be ironic, live through all this just to be took out by a tooth. From what I've read it is on the bottom and that can lead to the heart. I always keep Nitro but I think that would be like taking a whiz on a forest fire to put it out.

  Bingo. We called the emergency number for Dr Panella and Dr Huntsinger called us back with 10 minutes. She is calling me in some Penicillin at Wal-Greens.  


  We got the medicine and hopefully it works. The swelling has gone down a bit but it still lacks a lot. It has swelled the side of the throat the tumor was on. We go tomorrow for a treatment but Dr Huntsinger wants us to inform and have Dr Green look before and decide if he should treat it or wait. Then we were instructed to call Ruth. The swelling went down the right side of my jaw and right into the part of the throat where the tumor was. Go figure, lol. Hopefully I can get into a dentist tomorrow and get a root canal done then later, after radiation is done I will have the remains extracted. Pulling seems to be quite a lengthy process during radiation so I'll postpone that. That is tooth # 2 I've lost so far during all of this.

  I have only one more hole in my neck left and a few smaller spots that are still pretty burnt. The make shift meds slowed the swelling down so maybe now that I have the proper meds it will get even better. I messed with it a bit and got plenty of pain from it so far and it's all I remembered an abscess to be. I still wear the pain patch but I really don't like the Morphine so I haven't taken any today. I have stuff that will numb it, I used it on my throat and will need it yet again when the radiation gets back cranked up. I'll just eat the pain because the pain that is coming from the radiation will be intense again, a pain you just can't eat.

  Tomorrow and for the next few days to a week I will enjoy eating what I want again before the pain sets in and I go back to even hurting when I drink water. I even ate some apple pie and ice cream today and ketchup. These will be intolerable by the first or second week of radiation. I weigh in at 199 lbs tomorrow. It should look about 204 at the doctor's office. I have to get a bit larger buffer for when the pain comes and eating and drinking will be hard again. Just 18 more treatments. First week shouldn't be bad but progressively get worse as it goes, based on the last time.