Tuesday, January 5, 2010


  Up at 5:30 to clean the lotion off my neck and at 5:45 me and Charlie headed out. radiation went good. Just in case I took a phenergan this morning just in case. Still a bit cramped but not too bad. Denise woke up about 2am throwing up and sick as a dog. One of the few times she ever called in sick at work. Annie is back to normal, only Megan thus far has escaped it. I bought a Mountain Dew and was able to drink it. Before we hit Knoxville I had drank the whole bottle, lol.

  It was nice to wake in a nice warm house for a change. It was also nice staying in it, lol. I researched and found our commission check owed us from last month, the title company had forgotten to mail it last month.  It should be here by Thursday.

  I've felt pretty darn good today. Man how I love these days like this. Perhaps that is why we have bad days, so that we will appreciate the good ones when we get them. I am so looking forward, yet scared at the same time to meeting with Rathfoot this Thursday. I pray he looks in my throat and says he sees nothing. Then I pray that the next Cat Scan, whenever that will be shows the Lymph Nodes clean.  I hope it's just a ghost pain but it seems like I can feel the tumor in there. Green checked me today and said he didn't feel anything. I'm back to 199lbs! One more Shoney's Breakfast Bar and I'll top 200 lbs, lol. That will be a little cushion for wat this will turn into in the coming weeks, hopefully though not as bad.

  The radiation has burnt the hair follicles on my neck so shaving should never be a problem again, at least on my neck.