Wednesday, March 9, 2011


  Paying for the last two days of active. Tonight and all through the day my throat has swelled on the left side making it hard to breathe. The left side of my jaw and down my throat is numb, feels like when you go to the dentist type of numb. Pain in talking so I actually didn't talk much today. Denise looked and felt tonight and it is visible on the left side and she can feel it as well. I've just kind of chilled today. I did put 2 light fixtures up at mom's and 1 at Misty's, but that was it.  I haven't slept well in the last 3 nights, maybe that is the fatigue. Tomorrow I need to feed the cows, maybe fresh air will help. Denise wants me to call Rathfoot to make a new appointment. After checking it out she feels something needs to be done, especially since the meds aren't working.  It could be the concrete, I have an allergy to it when it is dry. Hopefully not, I'm too slow already and have a lot to go.

  Charlie came back yesterday and hung out for a while. He is in pain and having a hard time eating and breathing. We went over what foods I done ok with swallowing and what stood a better chance of aspirating. He gets choked on his own saliva, I done that too when I had saliva. I'm trying to convince him that he will probably have a better go at it than I did and that we know what errors were made and what to look out for. We didn't have a clue when I went through it. We can do better this time.