Monday, October 31, 2011

Rathfoot Follow-Up

  We went to Dr Rathfoot for the follow up for the Sleep Study. He went over it and decided to not do the C Pap due to the throat not being able to withstand the pressure. He prescribed O2 instead. He looked into my throat and said whatever I was reacting to had apparently left, no more allergic reaction. They are suppose to come tomorrow. A good friend is a rep as well as Larry who is the owner of the company is where we went too. So we're trying this and maybe some more injections in the area if needed in about 3 months.

  Misty has a mass and is scheduled for surgery in the morning. It is some kind of infection, but they aren't sure what. He is  doing her surgery Immediately. They also found she has Gall Stones. They forgot the first thing. Prayers and good wishes for her please. She has 4 kids, all small.

As for my healing from the stairs, the fingers are showing slow improvement. The back C5&C6 are till swelled, and a few ways down, between the shoulders, it is miserable. And so another day goes by.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Slow but steady improvement. Still walking a bit slower and cautiously. Fingers still sore but all except one pops now. Muscle pain better, neck even improved a bit, still tender. Since it was raining, me and Megan went to Food City to get some food, Megan got some movies. I made sure I got non rGBH milk, but messed up even worse and bought Ultra-Pasteurized because it said Organic. Like Extra Virgin Olive Oil is worse that Olive Olive oil, pasteurization is too...oops.

  Megan done better than I, one of her movies she got is named "Soul Surfer" , which The Blind Side stands in shadow of this true story. I wasn't aware Hollywood could even produce anything like that these days. I'd about challenge one to watch this without a tear.

  We went looking, after Denise came home, for Cell Phones. We're torn between Net10 and Straighttalk. We've decided to leave AT&T. My phone number will be the same. After Wednesday our email will change too, well at least mine will. It will no longer be but will change to  I close my Suntrust account out as soon as I know the UPS/IBT retirement check goes into the Credit Union, then Bye-Bye bank. I've been reading a book that at first I said wasn't worth reading, then kept on reading it for some reason. It's quite good actually and gets better as it goes along. It's called, "Not The Father Of Our Fathers. How The Doctrine of Demons Have Entered Our Churches". Not that I agree with everything he says, but it makes one think.

  Monday will come too soon, Rathfoot appointment and where I'll be getting a machine to sleep with. I'll have a chat with him on the amount of pressure on it.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  The X-Ray came back and it doesn't show any fractures. C5 & 6 are bad, but that I already knew. We're giving it 2 weeks to see if my fingers heal up, he is worried about the ringer finger healing worse than the rest. The X-Ray is labeled Concussion, not sure what that is about. Kim, I give you permission to my records if you want to see them. I'll also come to you as my doctor if you ever go on your own and will take me.

 I called Covenant Health Care's "Quality Control" and it was just as good as their ER services. Me and Denise now have an understanding. Do take me to that place again. It's kind of like a cliff hanger though. Did the doctor get the girl? Did she buy the stockings he approved of? Perhaps we'll never know.

  Dr Schindler offer pain pills yesterday which is unusual for him to do, but I turned them down. So today Denise said to mention Muscle Relaxers, maybe they would help. I got them and took one on my way home, thank God I was close. I ain't felt like that since the 70s, lol. I haven't decided if I'll do another at bedtime yet, but if I do I think I'll cut that thing in 1/2. I was all stretched out in the recliner actually watching TV. Man those things are strong. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Update MHH Covenant Health Care Systems visit

  Denise got a copy of Dr Rivera's report today for her Aflack Insurance and it shows only a Morphine Injection and a finger X-Ray. He does not show cause of accident, manipulating the finger, examination of the head, neck, elbow, hands, or shin. So Dr Rivera does not document his work. Why?

  I overheard Denise talking with her sister and she said the Morphine injection could have masked some things going on really bad. Now we're trying to figure out why. Was it my hair was long and I have a beard? Was it that I didn't take time to put my teeth in? It certainly wasn't that they were busy, we were the only ones there. Dr Rivera was busy flirting with a blonde headed nurse. Perhaps we interfered.

  Tomorrow I'll do something I seldom do, call Covenant Heal Care's Top CEOs. For whatever excuse Dr Rivera may come up with, another doctor's report today and another hospital's records are now done. I know they own Morristown Hamblen Hospital and Ft Sanders Regional Medical, but I must say I highly suggest running the opposite way from them. Unbelievable. Perhaps the name should be changed to Covenant Non-Health Care.  


Happy Birthday Little Man. Big 3. 

Went to Dr Schindler today to have myself checked out. He said in all likelihood I had a concussion since I'd lost consciousness but since my headache had stopped was probably ok and didn't need a CAT Scan.  He taped the ring finger to the middles finger and called it a "buddy wrap", or something like that. It helps it bend without as much pain. He wrote a script to have a neck and head X-ray so I went to Lakeway Hospital to have that done. He looked at the gash in my shin, head, fingers and neck. Turns out I tore tendons and ligaments in more than just that finger and more than just one hand. We went ahead and had him do the Thyroid check while I was there. Doc was shocked that all they done was partially set my finger, doped me up, and sent me home.  

   Megan helped me with some of the ceiling insulation in the Sunroom, Al and Mr Fox comes back to put the ceiling in Wed. We still lack a little. Denise is still pissed over Morristown Hamblen's ER, or lack thereof. :) Kim, I was in your hospital today. Next week, Rathfoot follow-up.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 2

  My ring finger is still swelled and it has turned red, white, and blue... black in some spots. The handrail left it's bruise under my arm. My left fingers and had are swollen. The Neuropathy takes care of most of that along with the right thumb & index finger. My neck has a huge knot on it followed by another huge knot at the base of my shoulders. The Right Knee is in pain, must have been the first down. Foot ain't go bad

I may get it looked at.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Day After

This is the second time I've awakened. For once I was right. Across my shoulder, especially the right rise, right arm, 2 fingers on the left hand and a right thumb. ribs,  neck, leg. Pretty much anything on the right side. Plus a major headache that makes yesterdays headache look good. I just took 3 Ibuprofen. I think I'll lay back down again.

Friday, October 21, 2011


What a way to start the day. I woke up a little after 4am to use the bathroom. I didn't have anything to drink so I decided to go downstairs and get a Sierra Mist. Megan had done the usual and tossed her towels down the stairs. I was sleepy and wasn't paying much attention. I remember heading down the stairs and the next thing I knew was looking and seeing my hand on the landing in front of my face with my ring fingertip laying over the pinky finger at the 2nd joint. I was on my neck, back to the wall and the other arm was behind me. Blood was on the floor.

  I yelled for help but my voice isn't all that strong. Megan probably had her hearing aides out and Denise was in bed at the other end of the house. After a while I figured nobody could hear me and I couldn't yell any louder. I couldn't get situated so that I could get up. So I jerked until I ended up flat down. Once down I walked up the stairs and at the top yelled for Denise. She heard me.

    I showed her my finger and she looked shocked. I didn't realize how fast she could get dressed. She said let's go, but I was in my PJs without a shirt. I went in my bedroom and grabbed my pants, Denise grabbed me a shirt, slipped my shoes on and off we go to the hospital. I was and still am in pain.

 Now comes the funny part. We get to the ER and a young doctor came in.  I showed him my hand and asked if he was going to numb it. He reached to my hand, grabbed my finger and bent it back almost to where it should be, then walked out. I wasn't sure where he went, he just left the room. I looked at my finger, seen it wasn't still where it should be, so I set it the rest of the way. The ER Doctor comes in and say "Awe, you've already set it, I was wanting to do that". Then he tells me he needs to give me a shot, guess what of. Morphine.

  Now I'm no doctor but shouldn't that have been given first? I didn't have enough confidence to show him anything else. No anti-inflammatory meds or nothing. They took 3 X-rays, then told me to go home and keep it elevated and on ice, like I had a choice after the shot. :) I thank God for neuropathy which lessened the pain. I wasn't aware that fingers could go that far without breaking. So we go home and Denise has to get ready for work now.

  I checked out the rest of my pains when we got home. I think my elbow is maybe fractured, either that or the bone in on spot is extremely bruised. I got cuts on my elbow, forearm, head, and a huge gash in my shin.  My neck and back are killing me along with the right knee. After the Morphine wore off I began to feel the index finger on the left hand and the thumb on my right hand, both are swelled.  I feel like I've been in a car wreck. Man I dread tomorrow. I probably should have gone to a real doctor. Morristown Hamblen Hospital seems to be lacking something there. We got far better and concerned service taking Sasha to the Vet in White Pine.

  So most of the morning I iced it down and waited out the effects of the Morphine. Then I got bored, but even taking the lid off a Mt Dew is a task. Sooo, what to do. I done the top part of the wall in the Sunroom insulation, which wasn't much. I think I've had to rest my finger at least a dozen times. I do believe it is time for the Popsicle sticks. :) I usually hold onto the handrail and I'm guessing that I still was when I got my foot in the towel. The only thing that would put a gash, especially the size of the missing skin on my shin is the part of the ceiling that is about 7 foot high in the stairway.  So I assume that I must have done one of those Hollywood stairway rolls, lol.

  Megan has felt guilty all day and worried about me and Denise being mad at her. She has been told at least a hundred times not to do that, but kids don't listen. I think she got that part from me, lol. I did go over no more doing that and now with an example why. As far as being mad, not much point in that. It is what it is and what has happened has happened. It could have been worse. I know today Denise was tired. I've apologized many times over for that. This day too will pass. For now, I go soak with a new book in a hot tub. I dread tomorrow, but it shall pass. Time will heal.

  So this day ends with I'm sore and hurting. Denise is worn out. Megan is finally back being Megan. (Hopefully without the towel toss). :) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  Al and Mr Fox got the rafters finished today in the Sunroom and done a great job. So now we're down to the roofs on the garages and outbuildings, plus trim. Michael is going to do under the porch in soffit, and I probably spelled that wrong, and the shutters. Denise is anxious and was a bit disappointed when the wrong color came in, but we've lived without shutters since the house was built, whats a few more weeks. :) I started he stone work for the front sidewalk, it's ground level so I know I can't fall, lol. I would say I can't get hurt but I stubbed the little finger I broke a while back. I'll try and reset it again tonight.

  I think I should have put a bandanna on my neck though, a bit tight today and tonight, a bit hard to breath and painful. Then again it could be where I'm allergic to the concrete when it's dry.

  We put the garlic out today, wanted to wait until tomorrow but rain tonight and tomorrow, so we done it today. Out of 3 calendars 2 showed today and tomorrow and 1 just showed tomorrow for the signs to be right to plant. We done 6 rows 25 feet long and a 7th row that is maybe about 5 feet long. I think it's the same amount we done last year. The neuropathy eased off a little today, now if the knees will give me a break.

  Duddy came over on his bike. Beautiful Harley Bagger. I was surprised to see him come, usually he says he is coming but never makes it. We worked together at UPS. He was my Christmas helper sometimes, loader, and when I got hurt they had me ride with him to give him tips, like he really needed that, he was/is good. Then I ran across Igor, aka Breeze, at the Credit Union today. He has his own route now. He had pictures of his girls in his Package Car, man they've grown. I checked out the new DIAD and the automatic gas car. When I started there none of the cars even had power steering or for that matter synchronized first gears. Fans were not allowed. Now they have all of that, but too much technology. The employees are what made that place happen and put things together. Makes me worry about my retirement checks now that they're not.      

Saturday, October 15, 2011


  No new energy yet, but Denise had enough for both of us until she turned an ankle. Tractor tire indent from a long time ago. We went to Lowe's and got so peat moss the hit a yard sale and came home. Talked with Al who is going to start reworking the rafters in the Sunroom. Since me and ladders don't seem to go together still yet and his labor price was reasonable.

  Denise tilled the garden while I tossed rocks out getting the soil ready. I had put the leaves and grass clippings in there a few days before. Then we spread the peat moss out. Probably not enough but 3 bags. Then  tilled it again and I tossed more rocks out. :) I placed some pressure treated landscape timbers at the lower end to keep the soil from washing out. We have to get a roll of plastic so that Tuesday's rain won't get the soil wet. Wednesday we plant the Garlic since the signs are right. Not a big bed by any means, 10x25 ft, but it should be big enough. We debated and still may put some more peat down and mix it in. I tossed the remain fertilizer on the bed. We will have 5 or 6 different kinds again that range in flavor, then we can start eating what is left. I went out and picked some of the Bell Peppers again and left the bulk of them to finish off, unless it frosts soon. Denise has a thing for the Red ones since she heard they had a lot of Vit C in them.

  Man what a beautiful day today. Clear blue skies.  

Friday, October 14, 2011


  I got a call from Panella's nurse today on the blood work. It was all good except the Potassium was low. I use to take supplements when I worked at UPS during the summers. I didn't know that Potassium is ever prescribed as medicine, except in IV bags, seen those when I had my heart attack. He added 20meq pills for a month. Denise said it would also help to give me energy.

  I'm not sure if it will help the neuropathy which seems to be in overdrive the last 2 weeks. Kind of comes in handy since so far I seem to have slightly broken my pinky and I think something in my right foot when I tripped and fell about a week ago. Certainly helps with the pain which still comes through but tolerable for the most part.

  Tonight me and Denise have watched a little TV, which I normally don't do. We saw Harry Bikers eat rat, and now the 80 ways dudes eat Ostrich eggs. Denise says she wouldn't eat either... I'd try both, lol. I ate Opossum once, but I wouldn't have if I'd known what it was. Maybe it was cooked wrong or maybe the thought of road kill being cooked, but it had a horrible after taste, greasy/slimy too.   

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dr. Panella Check-Up 10-10-2011

  We went for the regular check-up with Dr Panella today. I got a good report which was great. I think it would have been a little better if they had the last two visits from Dr. Rathfoot in my file, but it was good to hear the report from back in June. The blood work wasn't back in time for my visit, maybe Denise can get that tomorrow. I'm sure it is good though. I weighed in at a whopping 231 and some ounces, pretty much 232lbs. That would be good if I were a Sumo Wrestler, but I ain't. I could probably get a job as the "before" picture, lol. Panella suggested I loose weight and exercise. I couldn't agree more.  For a moment I thought my feet were shrinking when I looked down, but still the same shoe size, may be the view. :) I stopped in the Chemo Hut and saw the ladies there. Some new faces and some familiar ones too. They were good to me when I needed it most.

  He did feel what he called a thickening on bothy sides of my neck which he attributed to radiation damage. My next appointment is in 6 months and I have a chest X-Ray the day of. Throat (Esophageal) cancer recurrence is most prevalent at 2-3 years and for longer than that can follow what he calls the "tree"-  Brain, Neck, or Lungs. Now a special note:

  Dr Panella- If you still read this blog, I know you don't know how to take me sometimes, I am a bit odd. Denise says she is the same way. :) But know that I do listen to what you say and it does sink in and that I do value my life. I know God has the ultimate decision of life or death, but He also sent me to great doctors and nurses, and a great hospital, UT. I believe you to be a good doctor but more importantly, a good man, else I would not have stuck with you. He has provided me with great doctors, nurses, family, and friends. I know what comes next and have no fear, but I still respect life. Sometimes that comes across funny I know.

  You see my friend, I am a winner no matter what the outcome is for I have lived amongst great people. Good people. Kind people. So while I am here I decided long ago that if I could make someone smile or laugh, maybe I could repay just a tiny portion of the kindness that has been bestowed upon me. Plus that is also my medicine as well. If for even one moment I can make someone forget their troubles or pain and smile, it is a life worth lived. You have to admit, I made you smile and you smile when you look at me. God knows what you are thinking, lol, but it doesn't matter, thing is, you smile. I also forgot to say thank you. I'll see you in April 2012. God Bless.     

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleep Study 2

I just got back from Sleep Study 2, man what a night. I started out learning what the first sleep study results were. I forget the numbers but there were three things I done on the first one and the sleep was divided up by REM sleep and the regular sleep. I got over an hour of REM sleep in the first study but had I think 54 times when I stopped breathing. During other sleep I had a lot of shallow breathing plus times when I stopped breathing and two events where the brain was involved. If I understood her correctly it was where the brain shuts off the breathing, maybe it was turns on, but I'm, pretty sure she said turns off. On the stopping breathing just during REM sleep I remember thinking it was something like about every 2 to 3 minutes on the average.  She said at 5.? one was qualified for Sleep Study with a Cpap, mine was 27.?, so I more than qualified. :)

  So last night they place all those electrodes on again, I'll probably be finding them the rest of the day, lol. I'm writing this waiting for Denise to call from work, she just left, then wash the junk out of my hair and my body. I'm not really tired though it has been a long night. The ladies there are nice and good, but man what a night. The first mask didn't seal well enough with my beard, so we tried another mask. That one didn't seal well either, so they used a nose mask. Unfortunately that one sealed.

  I remember them being in the room I think 4 times, I think adjusting, and once I had turned on my belly. I woke up a few times in pain, I felt pressure on my throat, lots of it. I opened my mouth to speak but air blew out it with a lot of force. This morning my throat hurts. Not the worse pain I've ever had, but it still hurts, like I've screamed all night. If only I had that capability. Good think I took my top dentures out of I think they'd have become a projectile, lol. She said I experienced events until they finally had full pressure on it all night. Even then I had some moments, so who knows. She said I would more than likely get a machine. All night I had a lot of phlegm that I could have spit out, but that damn thing gave no opportunity to to that. Thick junk. Who knows, probably what little brains I have left that thing was blowing out, lol. I managed to swallow it, and that was almost impossible, had to get in the rhythm to make sure I didn't aspirate on it.     

  As I understand it, and God knows I get things wrong sometimes, this thing, a trach, or a pine box is about the only three options left. I think another two surgeries where they do injections are still on the table, but the scaring damage is done. Sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease, and they ain't even sure about that, they are just looking for changes. So far all is stable, it ain't good, but it's stable so far.  A trach, even if temporary is out as far as I'm concerned. This machine I'll try but I think may close the throat off with the pressure. If it does, so be it. We go nowhere before out time and what better way to go, in our sleep, best option I've seen.

  So from this though I take it I will get to sound like Darth Vader and feel the force, lol. I wonder if it comes with a Light Saber? The again, I do like food so maybe I can be Darth Tater and just use a fork. Now I think I'll sleep today, its rainin anyway.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Teeth & Rathfoot 10-03-2011

   We went to see Dr Rathfoot today to get the results of the sleep study and a check-up. Things have finally stabilized and he liked that. He said if he were in the ER and I came through and he didn't know me though he would panic after he scoped me. Knowing me through this threw this and what has been done, he is pleased. He said I had adapted to the situation. We discussed (briefly I might add) a trach and feeding tube, which I rejected. I think just for a while, but I wasn't willy to discuss. He said I would need maybe a couple more times with injections. I can do that. I have certain things I'm willing to do and certain things I'm not.

  The sleep study showed some things that aren't right, so I get to do the sequel. It showed my heart getting out of rhythm when the O2 goes to 78, not sure how many times or for how long. He told me but I forgot. So I get something to help me breathe at night but I got to do another test to find out how much pressure to do, or something like that. I made the comment I have no problem dying in my sleep, beats doing it during a heart attack or getting close to it with cancer. I said it sincerely and rather comically, but it wasn't too well received.   I don't care to wear that whatever to help me breathe at night though. He said that was why I was so tired all the time.

  Best though was I finally got my teeth! I went to Morristown Dental Center and they put my teeth in... and they felt great and still do. So far me and Megan ate Chicken Tenders from Hardees and some nuts. Ok, the nuts didn't go so well, lol. I still have a ways to go to get use to them, but I love 'em. It seems like forever since I've had teeth, and it some ways it has. Megan says I look younger with them in. Mark said it was like having a mouth full until you get use to them, and it does. But man can I eat. I can still taste like I did too. Uh oh, think I gained weight just thinking about it.