Tuesday, December 20, 2011


  Mom has surgery on her cataracts today. All went well. Dr Lindsey was quite impressive. Mom said he said a prayer before surgery and I went in with her for the follow-up and when he was done he said a prayer with her and for her. That is something you just don't see enough.

   The Llama that has been on vacation finally got back home on her own. She has traveled around the neighborhood and still not settled down enough to get near. Me and Megan fixed the fence, took the tractor and shoved the 70 + ft tall fallen tree back over the line where it came from. I took Big Ugly and got a new gate at TSC, then took dad's truck and got 2 rolls of wire while they were on sale. 

Now with the Llama comes a weird tale. She stayed in the field with the cows after an unsuccessful attend by a Llama Assoc to catch her. I had signed papers saying that if they catch her they could have her. I didn't want to see her get hurt or cause hurt to someone. She has never been tamed so she will not come to calling her. Anyway, don't ask me why but those nights that I quit breathing, sometimes weird things happen. I noticed that she wasn't in the field with the cows, so me and Megan tracked her to the woods that joins us on this side of the road. She wouldn't go through the electric fence the neighbor has up. I went back later just before dark and heard a hoot owl hoot, a sign of death. I worried about her making another journey. That night I could have swore that Denise said not to fear, the Llama was safe and back in the field eating hay with the Donkeys. I saw somebody tell me just to look at the hay and it seemed so real. I asked Denise if she told me that, she said no. A few hours later I started to leave and remembering what I was told, I looked toward the hay. No Donkeys near, but there with the sheep and goats stood the Llama eating the hay. Strange. 

  Strangest thing now, happened about three times in the last few days. With or without O2 at night, I wake up freezing, and I mean freezing. The only time I've ever experienced this kind and depth of cold was when the Angioplasty collapsed the night I had my heart attack. All three times I took a blow dryer and made it blow under the covers, and it took everything I had to get it and hook it all up. It's an unnatural cold that I can't explain. It happened twice while sleeping on the couch with no O2, (knees ache from coming rain), and so I went to the bed the next night with O2, and it happened even with the O2. It's not a feeling that I like but at the same time it is becoming too familiar. This is like the cold of death feeling. That doesn't scare me but I'm not real fond of waking up and battling it either. I dare not mentioning it to the doctors.