Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12-4-2012 I Think

  So far it's been warmer and dryer than I thought it would be, looks like the signs for a bad winter were wrong, but I ain't complaining. To be this warm the cows are putting the hay away, I can't imagine if it gets cold. Me and Megan worked on cleaning the Tomato garden area up yesterday and today we've both paid for it. Whatever don't like me don't like her either, had to be some kind of weed in the top soil I bought. Megan went shopping with mom and I came back and fed and done my first time ever, mixing and baking 2 loaves at the same time together. I baked mom one and us one using the recipe I came up with, even tweaked that a bit and had better results. Instead of 2 1/2 cups of the mix I used 2 cups, then used Sweet Sorghum Flour and Tapioca Flour for the last 1/2 cup. I've tried to eat little in the way of bread though, doing my last round once again for another yeast infection in my throat. Denise ended up with a Baking Stone from their company's Christmas Party. I intended on baking some cookies for them on it today, but I hit that wall. Maybe tomorrow. They had a nice Christmas Party and we all had loads of fun, good food, tea, and company. First time Dr Rama noticed my voice was like Wolfman Jack. I admittedly don't see him much, but he is my Cardiologist, the one that worked on me when I had my heart attack. I told him if I get sick again I'll come back, which over the years I've had to from time to time, especially to be cleared for surgery and stuff. The level of quality people they have there is astounding. Then again, I could be partial. :) 

  We also went to the Court House today, funny story. Mark called and they had 2 Barrels of fine sawdust again, so me and Megan went to get them. After we loaded up the 50 gallon drums we talked with Mark and Mark (cousin), which looks down and says, you got your money's worth on those tags. I had banged them up a bit and laughed. Then he said they're out. I told him in April they're out along with the other 3 trucks and bike. Then he said, it's December and laughed. So me and Megan head for the Court House today to buy tags, but I keep wondering if I'd bought them and misplaced them. I asked them to look it up to see, I hadn't. He asked if I'd got the slip in the mail. I told him I did, he done his part, apparently I failed to do mine. He asked if the truck was driven since April. I smiled and said everyday, thank God I hadn't got a ticket or had a wreck. I told him about tagging the other trucks. He asked if they'd been driven this year. Yep, not much but a few times. The dump truck (BUD) brought the top soil home, Big Ugly a few times for lumber, and Blackie to pick the dogs up 3 times. I think I got slightly confused and bought Big Ugly's tags, thinking I'd bought the Ranger's tags. Denise said I had to sell Big Ugly since I'd bought Bud (stands for Big Ugly Dump), so I didn't intend on tagging it. Big Ugly didn't sell, so its still here. I told him I must be gettin old. He smiled and said, "It don't get no better either." They were nice about the whole thing, which they're always nice, good crew down there. They probably figured I'd bought something again, lol. I've seen some good deals, but Denise would kill me if I drug something else home, plus my little retirement from UPS doesn't compare to what I made there. I miss the interaction with people and the money and if I was able to run like I did, the jumping and running. These days if I'm jumping and running it is either I've tripped and falling, or somethings about to eat me. :)

  I got my hair cut and I think Ron and Denise conspired to cut it short, lol. My beard and mustache is neat and trim, and my hair is short... feels good. We even found partly where my hair in front is locating to, my ears, lol.  I think Denise is getting use to the beard finally. I told her I said I'll take hair anywhere God puts it, and it started on my chin first. I keep my promises.