Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm finally out and about, now I'm tired and sore, lol. I love it. We started the day with no power. It went off about 6am. I fumbled down the hall and went out on the back porch, what a lightening show it was, all around us. Denise would have feel over if she saw me out there watching.

  I picked bean, Peanut Beans today. Denise broke most of them. I have a row and a 1/2 left of that type. Lotta work, little bean, big flavor. I'm just taking my time, weeding as I go and training them. Taking breaks when it becomes too much (thought I'd never say that). I sent Josh back with Tomatoes and cucumbers, sent mom a tomato too. On the beans we should get at least 14 quarts of what we have now.

  I got a disturbing email from Sally tonight, she is very ill. The Targetin has caused a bad effect on and she has a fever. I met Sally and Aubra (deceased now) on the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma board. We have the same kind only Aubra's was more advanced than Sallys and hers more advanced than mine is. Please remember tonight to pray for her to get better. She is a good woman. 


  Sitting here, awake again but still run down in a way. I hit yet another wall, but I seen that one coming, I just didn't expect the results to be as they were. I slept Saturday night and pretty much all day Sunday and until Monday. I would stay up a bit then back down. Dizzy, double vision, and just worn out. Last night I went outside and maybe it's the heat or a weird ragweed or something but my throat swelled up big time. It makes it hard to breathe when it does that. The neuropathy is raging again, almost a whole week of it.

  I haven't checked on Charlie in 2 days. He is having a hard time with the radiation earlier than I did. He has that chemo color about him, but only 1 more to go. Chemo though is the easy part. I told him to not let them burn him like they did me, demand a vacation if it gets too painful.

  The bandannas seem to work, beats a mask which I never can remember to go and get, Denise says that takes effort. :) I tell her I'm Jesse James looking for a train to rob, lol. Keeping it soaked with cool water helps the body temps too.  Who knows, maybe it will catch on, lol.

  I planned on come hell or high water picking the green beans. Neither came but the rain and lightening did, I figured close enough, so here I set and there the beans are outside waiting. Just the Peanut Beans are ready but the Turkey Crawl and 1/2 White Runners are coming on strong. Megan's gone to Denise's mom and dad's house for a week, man it's too quiet here alone.

  I got a haircut... sorta, lol. Jackie Sue done a good job as always. I could tell she wanted to cut more, lol, but she did what I asked her to do. I think Denise was in hopes that she could convince me to get more cut off. Now to work on getting about 20lbs off.

  I've talked with Sally and Glenda Heywood, haven't talked with Glenda in a while. I miss our talks every weekend years ago. She runs the animal board at the website. The lady is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on birds and animals. Me and Denise alwasy looked forward to her visits and we alwasy put her magazines in each shipment back then.