Saturday, May 28, 2011


  Still here and still have this cough. I think if I done a thousand push-ups each day my stomach muscles wouldn't hurt any worse than they do now, Megan is the same. Megan has had this junk for almost two weeks. Denise is still down with it too, not sure how long she has had it. Denise and I both have a balance problem as well, probably the sinuses. There must be some kind of mutation because she and I had diarrhea for a day or two as well, who knows, maybe we just coughed the crap out of ourselves (grin).

  Later  on yesterday I went on the roof of the house, despite the balance, I wanted to see what if any more damage was done from this last storm. The last one broke the seals and looked like it sandblaster the gravel off the singles, this one took singles with it. It cracked some of the rafters in the sunroom. Busted the seals in two window and a skylight. Broke some of the lights outside. I didn't go on the garages but looked inside, they are leaking again. The established garden is shredded. Some can be replanted, some it's too late to plant again. It's a little disgusting but then again it's all replaceable and it could have been worse. We were/are fortunate when looking at what both storms have done else where, some people lost life and some lost everything. It serves as a reminder that all we have here is moth and rust. I will not let my disgust show since Megan and Josh had worked to plant some stuff, rather instead replant what we can, which should show them that when you get knocked down you get back up again.

  This weekend will be a wash. No wall being worked on or anything else, just rest. Denise is usually up at the crack of dawn and it's almost 11 and she is still sleeping, so I'm being quiet, she needs to rest. Yesterday Megan slept late and it seemed to help her. Megan has her appetite back now.

  Matt is frustrated, he wants to stay busy and he does but has hit a slow period. With the storms I imagine that people are busy cleaning up, but they trickle in. He is getting drive bye and world of mouth business and so he is building. I made him a quick little website and Misty is looking at how to work it, she has forgotten how over the years and I'm behind on what is used today, I really need to brush up myself a bit. I'm a bit outdated on web building, but at least he has something up. LINK.  That'll do for now.